• Black Hat

    Mobile threats and other new directions from Black Hat

    Mobile computing seems to be the new frontier of cybersecurity, but identifying new trends at the Black Hat Briefings is more difficult as the conference grows and becomes more inclusive.

  • People standing in line in Las Vegas using insecure WiFi

    Secure-travel advice for Black Hat... and your local Starbucks

    The annual Black Hat USA security conference is not exactly hostile, but you’ll run into a lot of people who pride themselves on their hacking skills.

  • Two men checking mobile phones with giant rat looking over their shoulders

    AndroRAT signals commercialization of mobile malware

    Mobile malware is not new, but a new tool in the cyber crime underground could ultimately pave the way for hackers to leverage malware in large mobile botnets.

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  • Broken window showing poster of generic top level domain names

    New domain names bound for collisions: 'Things are going to break'

    Concerns persist that new generic Top Level Domains being approved for the Internet could conflict with internal naming schemes, disrupting networks with naming collisions.

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  • Man sitting on floor behind a pillar making a mobile call

    Boom times for mobile security

    Concerns about privacy, spying and leaks are creating demand for products and services that encrypt and protect mobile communications, and smart phones have the processing power to handle it.

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  • Two people use two separate keys to open bank deposit box

    Can the two-man rule foil insider threats?

    The NSA, embarrassed by leaks about its covert activities, installs a two-man rule for access to sensitive information. There are other ways to shore up systems, too, though none are perfect.

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  • Man walking in a tunnel making a cell phone call

    Agencies showing sudden interest in encrypted comm

    Growth of BYOD encryption company Silent Circle, already robust, has skyrocketed in the wake of revelations of NSA surveillance, and government is the biggest customer.

  • Lightning strike from a cloud

    Can the cloud provide the best strategy for security?

    New, layered attacks call for intelligence-based security, and cloud computing offers a way to gather and analyze big data to spot malicious activity.

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  • IT manager filling out forms for computer compliance

    Security best practices at the root of FISMA amendments

    Reform would focus on a risk-based approach using automated tools for continuous monitoring that agencies already are adopting. But will they be graded on security or paperwork?

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  • Example of a password strength meter

    Those meters that rate password strength work, until they don't

    A study of meters used to measure strength of passwords created on websites suggests you can only push users so far before they stop trying.

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