Emerging Tech

Patrick Marshall

Emerging Tech

  • Roofless data center

    Microsoft's data center cooling a breath of fresh air

    The company's roofless data center in Virginia requires a lot less power and water to keep servers running smoothly. Should agencies follow suit?

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  • DARPA image of dissolving electronics

    Electronics that dissolve when not in use?

    DARPA wants to develop 'transient electronics' that will degrade into the environment when left behind on the battlefield.

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  • Frustrated computer user with head in hands

    Dreading a Reply All nightmare? Don't forget Bcc.

    You can void e-mail clutter and personal-opinion slip-ups with one of the most underused tools in a sender's arsenal.

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  • Cyberwarrior concept

    NetForce becoming reality, minus the kill switch?

    New technologies can help in defending the country's networks and critical infrastructure, but you also need manpower.

  • Tape backup library

    Tape storage systems are down, but not out

    Agencies are moving more of their data to the cloud and considering disk systems for local storage, but tape isn't quite dead yet.

  • Screengrab from Army edition of Virtual Battlespace 2 game

    The military wants to step up its training game

    When recruits already know elaborate games like Far Cry 3, a five-year-old simulation like the Army’s Virtual Battlespace 2 doesn’t cut it.

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  • White House response to Death Star petition on We the People website

    No Death Star, but a good use of technology anyway

    The failed attempt to successfully petition the White House to build a Death Star nevertheless highlights a worthwhile way to use technology to engage the public.

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  • Gesture controlled computer

    Gesture control: Great innovation or Tower of Babel?

    Operating a computer with no-touch hand gestures is the hot new thing in user interfaces, but without standards we'll need to know a different "language" for every device.

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    Are ultra high-res OLEDs finally ready for their close-up?

    The thin, flexible light screens with 4K resolution are four times sharper than LED or LCD monitors, but they could find limited use at first.

  • Abandoned trucks rusting in a ghost town

    A once mighty supercomputer to be dismantled, sold for parts

    New Mexico's Encanto, which five years ago was the third fastest machine in the world, is now practically on the scrap heap.

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