Emerging Tech

Patrick Marshall

Emerging Tech

  • Router

    Wi-Fi service to monitor, reallocate local router usage

    Qualcomm's cloud-based service could keep wireless applications from using more bandwidth than they need.

  • Raspberry Pi

    $25 computer could help create the techies of tomorrow

    The Raspberry Pi, a small single-board computer that can teach kids the basics of computer science, is also a robust computer, now with its own app store.

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  • HTML 5 sample code

    HTML 5 ready for prime time

    The new version of the markup language serves up multimedia content without the need for plug-ins and could help agencies built more secure websites.

  • Dell touch screen

    Get ready for touch screens on desktop PCs

    With the eventual transition to Windows 8 or similar interfaces, touch screen are bound to expand beyond just smart phones and tablets.

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  • Robot looking into the future

    5 fearless tech predictions for 2013

    Here's what to look for in emerging technology for government during the next year.

  • Army robot

    Past robots show significance of the Navy's breakthrough

    Most machines we think of as robots actually are Waldos, which makes the X-47B drone's autonomy all the more impressive.

  • Google doodle honoring Ada Lovelace

    The first programmer: How Ada saw the future of computing

    Born nearly 200 years ago, Ada Lovelace saw computers as more than numbers-crunching calculators.

  • Streetlights at night

    Is the light spectrum the next frontier for wireless?

    A researcher in Scotland says LEDs can be used to transmit data, potentially making every street lamp into a high-speed Internet port.

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  • NASA artist conception of warp drive travel

    NASA thinks warp-drive travel might be possible

    Scientists explore the idea of achieving faster-than-light travel within the laws of special relativity by warping space.

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  • Social communication icons on keyboard

    Should agencies dump e-mail for social networks?

    The emerging trend toward internal social networks, which offer a lot of advantages, raises questions about the future of e-mail.

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