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  • John Hancock signature

    More than patriotic: Independent e-signature technology

    No one denies that John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence. An e-signature should provide same irrefutable verification for centuries to come.

  • cybersecurity concerns SCADA cloud systems

    A security checklist for SCADA systems in the cloud

    Because supervisory control and data acquisition systems manage critical infrastructure, acceptance of risks in cloud-based SCADA system controls should approach zero.

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  • devops

    DevOps: What it is and how to get there

    Here are four ways agencies can align culture, process and tools to create a continuous cycle of innovation and agility.

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  • returned mail costly to government

    Automated services key to containing mail costs

    Clean, validated data and automated processes can help agencies limit their exposure to costs associated with undelivered mail.

  • workforce management technology

    How small towns can access big ticket cloud services

    Workforce management technology might be beyond the budgets of smaller municipalities, but a shared services marketplace in Oakland County, Mich., puts it within reach.

  • impact of mobile on local government

    How mobile impacts local government communications

    America’s appetite for mobile information has moved the needle on digital local government from ‘because we can’ to ‘because we must.’

  • What can your agency learn from the CDM rollout at DHS?

    What can your agency learn from the CDM rollout at DHS?

    Agencies can gain valuable insight on the logistics of the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program from the Department of Homeland Security’s experience with Phase I implementation.

  • 7 ways to avoid mobile app design failure

    7 ways to avoid mobile app design failure

    While IT shops tend to focus on technical design aspects, understanding user experience can ensure rapid user adaption.

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  • Predictive analytics, case management vital to fraud investigation

    In order to bridge communication gaps among agencies delivering massive national services, fraud investigatory tools have to be comprehensive, flexible and affordable.

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  • The case for email encryption in local government

    The case for email encryption in local government

    Encryption ensures that only the intended recipients of a government email would be able to open and read the content and its attachments -- a necessary requirement in health care, education and law enforcement.

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