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  • Can states afford to wait on chip and PIN cards?

    Before state and local agencies rush to accept chip cards, they need to understand what the liability shift really means for them -- and then evaluate the benefit of replacing existing card readers against the related cost.

  • Struggling with sluggish VDI? Try graphics acceleration

    Adding graphics acceleration to a Texas town's virtual desktop system gave users performance equal to or better than their existing computers, accessible from almost any location.

  • The hidden costs of “low-cost” surveillance cameras

    The hidden costs of “low-cost” surveillance cameras

    An irresistible price tag on a security camera can come with hidden costs -- some of which could impact the security of your government facility.

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  • Beyond compliance: DISA STIGs’ role in cybersecurity

    Beyond compliance: DISA STIGs’ role in cybersecurity

    Following a secure standard is critical to eliminating the easy vectors hackers use to launch attacks.

  • tips for getting started with the Internet of Things

    Intelligence at the edge: 4 tips to begin exploring IoT

    The Internet of Things can give government managers actionable information, rather than raw data, more quickly, which allows them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

  • 6 steps to building a microservices foundation

    5 steps to building a microservices foundation

    Standardizing on ecosystems and platforms that free up resources and correct failed workloads can serve as the basis for microservices.

  • software defined everything

    Software-defined anything challenges status quo

    Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory created a proof of concept that emulates the use and security of the laboratory’s business systems accessed by a large number of virtual machines.

  • Plan for the next breach with incident response forensics

    In order to prevent system failure, minimize the loss and prevent the next breach, agencies need an incident response plan that includes forensic investigation.

  • holistic security

    Adopting a holistic approach to FISMA compliance

    By examining the entire IT infrastructure, security teams can determine how best to assign controls and centralize tasks.

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  • website performance

    3 tips for website performance optimization

    Monitoring performance metrics and user experience will deliver the visibility required to optimize performance.