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  • Arresting storage challenges of body cameras

    Arresting the storage challenges of body cameras

    In order for body cameras to deliver on their full potential, local law enforcement agencies must grapple with a substantial increase in the amount of video footage that needs to be processed, stored and accessed for both internal and external use.

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  • Network visibility fabric

    How pervasive traffic visibility can boost network security

    A robust monitoring fabric will intelligently filter, correlate, normalize and deliver the appropriate traffic to the agency’s security, monitoring and management systems.

  • How dynamic case management can modernize citizen services

    Cloud-based dynamic case management solutions create opportunities for government agencies to meet citizens’ rising expectations for improved services.

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  • Next-gen checkpoints: Integrating data for insights, efficiencies

    In the near future threat metadata from detection reports, persons screened and baggage notes will be integrated to better forecast security threats and deliver operational efficiencies.

  • DevOps defined

    Why DevOps is good for government

    When developers and operations staff work closely to continuously deploy and monitor applications they reduce the waste from hand offs and build quality – key motivators for agile and lean methodology.

  • 5 ways to maintain a high performance app stack

    5 ways to maintain a high-performance app stack

    Today’s IT landscape has become a complex mishmash of end-user devices, connectivity methods and siloed IT; its simplification lies in monitoring all applications as a single ecosystem.

  • 4 tips for CDM Phase 2 assessments

    CDM Phase 2: How to avoid déjà vu all over again

    As agencies prepare to take up the Phase 2 of DHS’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program, they would do well to replay its initial gap assessment to get the program right.

  • Agencies get in step with the DATA Act

    Agencies get in step with the DATA Act

    While the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act offers the government a new opportunity to enhance the rigor and usefulness of financial reporting, it’s not without its challenges.

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  • start planning for the next operating system migration

    Are you ready for the next OS migration?

    With the ending of mainstream support for Windows 7, it’s time for IT managers to start planning for the next operating system migration.

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  • analytics tools can help agencies sharpen e-discovery

    How analytics tools can help agencies sharpen e-discovery

    With the use of advanced analytics tools, legal e-discovery workflows can often be streamlined to eliminate multiple review passes that characterize manual reviews in the discovery process.

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