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  • rugged tablets in the field

    What to look for in rugged tech

    Rugged tablets offer a secure and cost-effective solution for employees in the field -- but only if the IT staff chooses carefully.

  • 4 ways to move from stovepipes to shared IT infrastructure

    Cloud-based shared services could be the best place for many agencies to start.

  • document conversion

    Solving the search problem for large-scale repositories

    New automation approaches solve common agency problems in the move from paper to digital.

  • hybrid cloud

    Why hybrid cloud can get agencies over the hump

    Hybrid cloud gives agencies a way to leverage existing investments in applications and infrastructure without rearchitecting for a public cloud infrastructure that is radically different from what is in place today.

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  • 4 steps toward network modernization

    4 steps to smart network modernization

    Agencies get a faster, more efficient network, while federal IT professionals get more time, fewer headaches and assurance that their network is secure, up to standards and operating 24/7.

  • project management in the cloud

    Why project management as a service makes sense

    Project management as a service helps agencies reduce capital expenditures and gives holistic and real-time access to the state of a program or project.

  • What two-factor authentication could really accomplish in government

    What two-factor authentication could really accomplish in government

    An upgrade to a chip-and-PIN cards for Social Security, Medicare and employment verification would enhance personal privacy, secure identities and prevent fraud.

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  • Built-in security enables cyber resilience

    Built-in security enables cyber resilience

    Agencies need to protect systems from software vulnerabilities that compromise availability, integrity and security.

  • root cause of application performance issues

    Applications running slow? The root cause might come as a surprise

    To uncover the root cause of application performance issues, IT pros must look at database performance from an end-to-end perspective.

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  • Get ready for wearables

    Get ready for wearables

    Though we may be years away from significant adoption, it’s important for government agencies to begin incorporating wearables into their security planning now.