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  • Workflow key to cloud-based case management

    Workflow key to case management in the cloud

    Using a workflow management system as the foundation of a cloud-based case management solution is a way to simultaneously leverage the cloud and deliver a more robust case management system.

  • computer forensics investigation

    4 crime scene mistakes that can sink a cyberforensic investigation

    Detectives and information security professionals can learn not only from each other’s best practices, but also from tactics each follow to ensure they are avoiding common mistakes.

  • Keep it Simple

    3 tips to keep federal networks simple and manageable

    With government networks growing more complex, here are three ways network administrators can simplify their approach to managing federal networks.

  • Cybersecurity playbook

    Beyond compliance: Protecting data with automated security playbooks

    Security playbooks powered by intelligent automation can mitigate the fallout from breaches while meeting important compliance standards.

  • How hybrid analytics can mitigate insider threats

    How hybrid analytics can mitigate insider threats

    Because no single approach can detect every threat, hybrid analytics can help IT managers uncover hidden, suspicious activities and see the bigger picture.

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  • Cloud-based CDM

    Ready to move continuous monitoring to the cloud?

    Agencies can ease the transition to cloud-based CDM by ensuring they have the appropriate FIPS 199 alignment, legal requirements, contract considerations, technical compatibilities and experience.

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  • 10 mobile features workers want – and agencies need

    10 mobile features workers want... and agencies need

    As agencies seek to increase productivity in the field they are increasingly looking to get mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and 2-in-1 devices into the hands of their employees.

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  • Persistence tech offers layered approach to security

    Persistence tech offers layered approach to security

    While data and device encryption is the first line of defense, it is not impervious to attack, so diligent IT departments should take a layered and persistent approach to security.

  • Modernizing VistA

    Modernizing VistA: Enabling scalable interoperability in a legacy system

    Leveraging cutting-edge tools and platforms can be part of the solution for achieving fast, secure and scalable interoperability within the mission-critical legacy system.

  • How to put the Digital Playbook into action

    How to put the Digital Playbook into action

    The administration’s U.S. Digital Services Playbook outlines 13 “plays,” or high-level practices for effective applications. Here’s how government IT managers can move those plays into the field.