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  • Keys to effective open data portals

    4 habits of highly effective open data portals

    Data analysis software and other business intelligence tools can help create an open data portal that is both compelling and transparent, while saving time and money.

  • 8 steps to reducing unauthorized software

    8 ways to reduce unauthorized software

    Unauthorized software not only increases the attack surface for adversaries, but it also hampers IT managers’ ability to fully secure their assets. Here are eight ways to get unauthorized software under control.

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  • 6 tips for open source adoption

    6 tips for adopting open source

    Introducing open source code doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. But ensuring security is key.

  • Apple

    First take: Apple’s Swift speeds programming

    In offering leaner coding features, including the use of modules and concise syntax, the Swift programming language is challenging conventional coding with a combination of speed and ease of use.

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  • 8 best practices for evaluating cloud risk

    8 best practices for evaluating cloud risk

    After an initial slowdown, government cloud adoption should pick up as security and standards are incorporated by agencies.

  • How data virtualization speeds application delivery

    Virtualizing data can boost the success rate of an agency’s application development projects by enabling better data management and faster delivery of applications in a risk-free environment.

  • Ways you can help secure the Internet of Things

    8 ways you can help secure the Internet of Things

    Government IT managers can help protect their agencies, its devices and the critical infrastructure by ensuring security is baked into connected systems.

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  • Workflow key to cloud-based case management

    Workflow key to case management in the cloud

    Using a workflow management system as the foundation of a cloud-based case management solution is a way to simultaneously leverage the cloud and deliver a more robust case management system.

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  • computer forensics investigation

    4 crime scene mistakes that can sink a cyberforensic investigation

    Detectives and information security professionals can learn not only from each other’s best practices, but also from tactics each follow to ensure they are avoiding common mistakes.

  • Keep it Simple

    3 tips to keep federal networks simple and manageable

    With government networks growing more complex, here are three ways network administrators can simplify their approach to managing federal networks.