• NIH biomedical data

    NIH looking to build an online biomedical catalog

    The agency is looking for ways to search, cite and link to research data, similar to the way PubMed handles scientific publications.

  • PIV card with biometric background

    GSA wants ideas on next-gen ID management

    The agency is looking to offer better functionality and efficiency, and expanded customer support, in areas including system architecture, security, billing, reporting and service-level agreements.

  • Arial view of damage from Oklahoma tornado

    DHS taps BAE Systems for geospatial imagery and analysis

    BAE Systems' intelligence experts will process and disseminate geospatial data and airborne imagery to produce high-resolution maps that reflect current environmental conditions.

  • Thunderbolt prototype thumb drive photo by PC World

    Intel flashes 10-gigabit prototype Thunderbolt thumb drive

    The Thunderbolt technology used in the thumb drive can transfer data at a speed of 10 gigabits/sec, which is about twice as fast as the current USB 3.0 transfer.

  • washington dc in a cloudbank

    Amazon becoming a force in government cloud services

    The successful protest of its CIA deal notwithstanding, Amazon is adding to its cloud infrastructure, with a focus on government services.

  • Couple talking to health worker about insurance options

    States health exchanges still face uncertainties

    States are building the infrastructures for integrating their exchanges with federal systems, but a federal data services hub for sharing the information remains a bit of an unknown, GAO says.

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  • DMV tablet online driving test

    States shift into high gear with online driving tests

    Virginia, North Dakota and Indiana are part of growing set of states bringing drivers exams and other automated DMV services to their citizens over the Web.

  • GOES weather satellite

    NOAA works satellite triage to keep hurricane tracking healthy

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration activates back-up satellite to keep storm spotlight steady as hurricane season nears.

  • Datagov expands toolkit

    Data.gov expands toolkit for citizen developers

    New tools from Data.gov include a catalog of APIs and developer pages as well as an open source data catalog.

  • Military drone collecting data to store in the cloud

    DISA to try again for big data cloud storage

    The Defense Information Systems Agency cancels a sole-source contract for advanced large data object cloud services after drawing industry interest.