• Defense teams rapidly deploy mobile, cloud biosurveillance tools

    Teams from the Naval Research Laboratory and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency use Android-based handhelds to test and transmit field information on tropical diseases.

  • DARPA to mine 'big code' to improve software reliability

    By combining principles of big data analytics with software analysis, DARPA wants to make significant advances in the way software is built, debugged, verified, maintained and understood.

  • What's next for predictive analytics?

    Increasingly, the technology is being used for retention analysis, fraud detection, medical diagnosis and risk assessment in both the public and private sectors.

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  • USGS to merge National Atlas and National Map programs

    The National Atlas of the United States and the National Map will be combined into a single platform.

  • Disorder in the court? Check your beacon

    Beacon technology has inspired ideas for the public sector applications including ones to help people find their way around a courthouse or to locate the nearest bailiff.

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  • Survey: Organizations seek better data governance tools

    A Rand Secure Data survey found that archiving, backup and ediscovery systems don't always meet expectations.

  • States to get security services to boost cyber info sharing

    The Department of Homeland Security is offering access to free managed security services as part of a renewed push for states to adopt new NIST cybersecurity guidelines.

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  • Internet2's 100G network speeds genomics research

    NIH and George Washington University researchers partner to accelerate genomics research using Internet2’s 100G network.

  • API layer fuels official US Navy mobile app

    A strong API layer is one of the most important components in the U.S. Navy’s official app, which connects sailors and their families with relevant and updated content.

  • ISO: Tiny, inexpensive counterfeit electronics detector

    DARPA is looking for a tool that authenticates electronic components at any step of the supply chain.