• Massachusetts invests in open cloud project, big data

    A $3 million capital investment in the Massachusetts Open Cloud project will help the commonwealth create a new public cloud computing infrastructure to spur big data innovation.

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  • IBM offers big data technology to federal healthcare

    IBM announced new investments in its US Federal Healthcare Practice, adding big data programs for advanced clinical care and data management.

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  • Washington county consolidates 911 systems

    Pierce County, Wash., creates South Sound 911, an 'interlocal agency' consolidating 911 and dispatch, records and technology services across 22 fire and 16 police departments.

  • IE 11 'Enterprise Mode' tackles browser compatibility

    An IE 11 browser running Enterprise Mode can automatically switch to emulate older Microsoft browser technologies, such as IE 8 technology, without requiring action from an end user.

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  • NARA crowdsources video captioning

    Amara allows individuals and organizations to add subtitles and captions to videos in dozens of languages.

  • Universities beef up cybersecurity, identity theft research

    The universities of Texas and Connecticut invest in cybersecurity research and development centers to build defenses and educate public on risks.

  • GPS satellites improve position accuracy, deter spoofing

    The Air Force is testing GPS messaging to encourage development of user equipment compatible with the civil signals.

  • Coastal flooding challenge uses cross-agency data

    NASA announced it will include a challenge focused on coastal flooding as part of its third annual International Space Apps Challenge

  • Group seeks tech-based solutions to sticky government issues

    Massachusetts non-profit is offering a $10,000 prize for innovative programs or promising ideas.

  • DARPA office to grow defense technologies with biology

    DARPA's new Biological Technology Office will create defense technology at the intersection of biology and the other physical sciences.