• Multi-device BYOD management from a single console

    Latest release of Absolute Manage will offer full BYOD support for Mac and Windows computers as well as tablets and smartphones from a single console.

  • Boeing launches MicroTAC tactical data analytic platform

    Field deployment allows data-management capability even when disconnected from networks.

  • DARPA posts catalog of software and research results

    The Open Catalog is curated list of DARPA-sponsored software and research projects that may draw interest and usage from other government agencies.

  • UMD establishes orbital debris research center

    CODER organization to spearhead research into debris tracking, remediation

  • Call centers lag carriers in launching text-to-911 services

    AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon now support 911 emergency text messages, but most local public safety answering points are still not equipped to handle texting.

  • Virtual Shooter mechanical arm tests ammo--and saves joints

    A mechanical arm will help reduce injuries to government employees who are responsible for testing thousands of rounds of ammunition weekly.