• NSA gives Lockheed cyber incident response accreditation

    A new NSA program identifies firms that can provide state-of-the-art cyber incident response assistance.

  • Opening up competition in federal IT

    A new report finds obstacles to innovations and makes recommendations for tearing down those barriers and opening up the federal marketplace.

  • NIST to help IT developers build in security

    NIST asked for comments on new guidelines for bringing engineering principles to bear on the problem of including security at the beginning rather than the end of the development process.

  • Multi-device BYOD management from a single console

    Latest release of Absolute Manage will offer full BYOD support for Mac and Windows computers as well as tablets and smartphones from a single console.

  • Boeing launches MicroTAC tactical data analytic platform

    Field deployment allows data-management capability even when disconnected from networks.

  • DARPA posts catalog of software and research results

    The Open Catalog is curated list of DARPA-sponsored software and research projects that may draw interest and usage from other government agencies.

  • UMD establishes orbital debris research center

    CODER organization to spearhead research into debris tracking, remediation

  • Call centers lag carriers in launching text-to-911 services

    AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon now support 911 emergency text messages, but most local public safety answering points are still not equipped to handle texting.

  • Virtual Shooter mechanical arm tests ammo--and saves joints

    A mechanical arm will help reduce injuries to government employees who are responsible for testing thousands of rounds of ammunition weekly.

  • New edition of Google Analytics for Government posted

    Government website managers looking to get a better handle on their sites' performance should check the second edition of the Google Analytics for Government training manual.