• Texas opts for General Dynamics CloudBroker services

    General Dynamics' CloudBroker portal helps customers procure and manage cloud infrastructure and services.

  • First software-as-a-service platform gets FedRAMP OK

    Originally developed for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Concurrent Technologies Corp.’s Unclassified Remote Hosted Desktop is the first SaaS solution to be authorized by FedRAMP.

  • NIST seeks comments on crypto management system

    The draft profile contains requirements for the design, procurement, management and use of Cryptographic Key Management Systems by federal organizations.

  • FDA cures data-entry backlog with digital scanning, crowdsourcing

    The Food and Drug Administration tapped a Web-based digital scanning service to overcome a monthslong backlog of reports submitted to its drug safety database.

  • BlackBerry to invest in government-focused security innovation center

    BlackBerry will invest in a government-oriented security innovation center and return to making keyboard-based smartphones.

  • COBOL just keeps hanging on

    Even at its advanced age, COBOL powers government's legacy IT systems and more than 70 percent of the world's business transactions.

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  • National Guard training center to host open-source UAV research

    Multi-agency program seeks to identify cost savings and drive innovation for government unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

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  • Karen Jackson named Va. secretary of technology

    Virginia's Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe announced last week that he had chosen Karen Jackson to serve as secretary of technology.

  • DARPA pushes high-res maps to troops' smartphones

    The defense research agency's new program provides digital imagery to troops on the ground and aims to build a library of apps that are simple to access and use.

  • Pentagon ponders access beyond the CAC

    The Defense Department is exploring ways to build on the success of the Common Access Card by extending identity management to mobile devices.

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