• Digital Forensics Challenge

    Can digital forensics teams beat crime center's challenge?

    The Digital Forensics Challenge gives would-be investigators a chance to test their ability by completing increasingly difficult challenges across five levels of difficulty.

  • New York City police outside a building

    What good's an Android that can't make calls? For NYPD, plenty.

    Police are testing 400 customized, muted smart phones that give officers on the scene immediate access to deep databases of information.

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  • UC San Diego superfast Prism network

    U.C. San Diego's super-fast network will handle big data demands

    The university, which operates the San Diego Supercomputing Center, is turbo-charging its network around a switch that can handle 1 trillion bits/sec.

  • Frustrated drivers in traffic jam

    L.A. synchronizes traffic signals, but drivers might not notice

    The city completes a 30-year project to automate its traffic signals, but the upside is in the data, not the driver's seat.

  • computer lab

    Microsoft Office 365 catching on with public-sector agencies

    The cloud-based office productivity suite benefits budget-sensitive public sector agencies that want to streamline the office enterprise, Microsoft says.

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  • Kanguru Defender Elite secure USB drive

    DHS strikes deal to improve USB drive security

    The department has approved a line of secure, hardware-encrypted USB drives and remote management software for purchase by component agencies.

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  • Whales tail ocean

    For want of a data format, the Whale was lost ...

    In trying to improve data transparency in financial futures trading, regulators are learning the hard way about the importance of specifying formats.

  • CIA big data appetite

    CIA's big data plans lead it to the Amazon cloud

    The agency awards Amazon Web Services $600 million deal for private cloud infrastructure, to keep the dots the agency hopes to connect.

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  • IO Anywhere Modular Data Center

    SEC takes 'data center 2.0' approach for EDGAR system

    Commission outsources data services for its Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval system to IO Government.

  • Spoof of overheated server room

    Hotmail, indeed: Overheated servers take down Microsoft's e-mail service

    A firmware upgrade at Microsoft's data center gave servers a fever, resulting in an outage for Hotmail and Outlook.com users that lasted, in some cases, up to 16 hours.

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