• Internet2's 100G network speeds genomics research

    NIH and George Washington University researchers partner to accelerate genomics research using Internet2’s 100G network.

  • ISO: Tiny, inexpensive counterfeit electronics detector

    DARPA is looking for a tool that authenticates electronic components at any step of the supply chain.

  • Tech refresh: Cook County to track county vehicles, automate inspections

    The Cook County Board approved technology upgrades to track the location of county vehicles and automate building inspections, in a move away from a paper-based system.

  • NIST presents building blocks for mobile security

    The two cybersecurity implementations will help develop capabilities for attribute-based access control and address security issues surrounding mobile access to network resources.

  • Facial recognition tech takes on DUI offenders

    A portable device has combined traditional breathalyzers with facial recognition software to test for alcohol in lower level drunk drivers.

  • Report finds US citizens unhappy with digital government

    A recent report found U.S. citizens are not satisfied with its government’s use of digital technology as a way of interacting with citizens.

  • AT&T, IBM to help cities build out Internet of Things

    AT&T, IBM join forces to help cities, utilities and commercial firms develop and capitalize on the Internet of intelligent devices.

  • Report: Best practices for big data projects

    A report by the IBM Center for the Business of Government provides advice from CIOs for implementing big data projects.

  • Survey: Agencies save with automation technology

    A SolarWinds survey of 162 public-sector IT employees found that investments in automation technology have saved time and money for agencies.

  • Report: Enterprise app activations growing rapidly

    A Good Technology report found a 54 percent growth quarter over quarter in activations of enterprise applications, indicating that organizations are leveraging mobile apps to make employees more collaborative, productive and engaged.