• Tape backup library

    Facing a data quagmire, Nebraska puts storage systems in order

    Nebraska's Office of the Chief Information Officer has turned to virtual tape storage tech to tackle a growing data overload.

  • Image of Earth pieced together from data transmitted from NASA PhoneSats

    NASA's PhoneSats send travel pics to fans on Earth

    In an example of "citizen science," NASA invited the amateur radio community to help piece together an image of Earth sent from PhoneSat cameras.

  • Engineers monitor the smart grid at Florida Power and Light

    Nation's first smart grid goes online in Florida

    Florida Power & Light's network ties together 4.6 million smart meters and 10,000 other devices.

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  • Screen shot of Palo Alto Land Use Designation Google Fusion Map

    Palo Alto harnesses Google Fusion for Open GIS datasets

    The city released the first wave of a series of geospatial datasets to public developers via Google Fusion, a tool for data visualization and integration.

  • Air Force Medical Service Facebook page

    Medical service's Facebook experience a sign of social media's growth

    The Air Force Medical Service finds, like some other agencies, that social media can be the best way to interact with their constituents.

  • Department of Energy semantic search tool for scientific information

    DOE rolls out semantic search for science research

    The department will move its core research archives onto a semantic search platform to improve the relevance of queries.

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  • Digital Forensics Challenge

    Can digital forensics teams beat crime center's challenge?

    The Digital Forensics Challenge gives would-be investigators a chance to test their ability by completing increasingly difficult challenges across five levels of difficulty.

  • New York City police outside a building

    What good's an Android that can't make calls? For NYPD, plenty.

    Police are testing 400 customized, muted smart phones that give officers on the scene immediate access to deep databases of information.

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  • UC San Diego superfast Prism network

    U.C. San Diego's super-fast network will handle big data demands

    The university, which operates the San Diego Supercomputing Center, is turbo-charging its network around a switch that can handle 1 trillion bits/sec.

  • Frustrated drivers in traffic jam

    L.A. synchronizes traffic signals, but drivers might not notice

    The city completes a 30-year project to automate its traffic signals, but the upside is in the data, not the driver's seat.