• US, Honduras to test hurricane response simulation

    In a joint exercise this week the United States and Honduras will test the performance of GeoSHAPE, a tool that maps emergency service and resources locations during a simulated hurricane.

  • FAA details next steps in NextGen progress

    The Federal Aviation Agency is "on cusp of finishing" several key programs that underpin NextGen, its Next Generation Air Transportation System that aims to migrate America's air traffic control system to smarter, satellite-based and digital technologies.

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  • Sandia exploring ephemeral biometrics for insider threat monitoring

    Using ephemeral biometrics, in which individual identities are tied to active, living biometric data, Sandia intends to significantly improve the authenticity and integrity of cyber identities.

  • NSA gives Lockheed cyber incident response accreditation

    A new NSA program identifies firms that can provide state-of-the-art cyber incident response assistance.

  • Opening up competition in federal IT

    A new report finds obstacles to innovations and makes recommendations for tearing down those barriers and opening up the federal marketplace.