Reality Check

Michael Daconta

Reality Check

  • virtualization

    Will the real cloud operating system please stand up?

    The lack of clarity around the concept of a cloud operating system is an indicator of the rapid evolution of cloud computing and the consequences of a torrid pace of change.

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  • search

    Semantic search: Still more luck than technology

    While there has been significant improvement in search since Google launched in 1998, semantic search still has significant room for growth and innovation.

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  • warehouse

    Is Hadoop the death of data warehousing?

    To what extent is big data changing the traditional data analytics landscape?

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  • competition

    What the escalating war among cloud computing rivals means for you

    A price war is under way among Amazon, Google and IBM in the market for cloud services that makes running your own data center nearly impossible to justify.

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  • whale

    Big metadata: 7 ways to leverage your data in the cloud

    Well-designed metadata will enable the description, discovery and reuse of data assets in the cloud and help break down agency silos.

  • exam

    Programming tests separate wheat from chaff

    Using well-designed and well-written programming tests for job applicants is worth the effort.

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  • cloud as a brain

    Cloud as a Brain gets real ... so let the AI race begin!

    The announcement by IBM that it would add Watson-like technologies as a cloud service signals the beginning of a race to build the brainiest cloud.

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  • meeting room

    Can Cortana help solve the coming federal retirement crisis?

    The knowledge graphs behind Microsoft's virtual assistant can be applied by agencies to build searchable stores of organizational knowledge.

  • bins

    Want good data analysis? Start at the beginning.

    How you categorize your data is key to being able to compare and contrast what you collect and, ultimately, make better decisions.