Reality Check

Michael Daconta

Reality Check

  • Artificial intelligence schedules the massive Hong Kong subway system

    Fears and fantasies about artificial intelligence

    Despite the controversy it sparks, artificial intelligence is no longer an exotic rarity that only thrives in research labs and ivory towers; instead, AI applications are becoming mainstream in the public and private sectors.

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  • Docker app containers will disrupt cloud computing

    Why Docker is disruptive

    Application containers like Docker will simplify application deployment across multiple platforms, including across multiple cloud providers.

  • Watchmaker closely examining a watch

    Is unit testing of software a waste of time?

    The integration of testing into the coding part of the development lifecycle is a good thing, but don't go too far by fostering a brute-force, test-first and test-everything approach.

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  • Man with laptop in a fog

    The fallacy of 'fog computing'

    Cisco’s fog computing is an ill-conceived marketing metaphor that further confuses the cloud market.

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  • Data transparency

    Data transparency takes center stage

    In the last few weeks, talk of data transparency is working its way into the national (dinner) conversation.

  • Cloud in a box

    Irrational exuberance over cloud standards

    Standards are vital to both cloud security and cloud interoperability, but it is foolish to think that an agency can influence the pace of technological maturity by policy or fiat.

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  • Linux penguin on top of a world of apps

    In the cloud, Linux will win the OS war

    For operating systems, you cannot beat Linux's high reliability and low cost.

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  • Man showing simplistic network drawing

    Buzzword engineering, or the curse of Nicholas Carr

    A good technical advisor can keep government managers from the consequences of ‘buzzword engineering.’

  • JSON vs. XML and the impact of design decisions

    IT architects must understand their environment and requirements before they can wisely choose the programming tools that best meet their system or enterprise needs.

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  • Man in art gallery looking at painting depicting word processing documents

    DARPA's dielets and the prominence of provenance

    DARPA is using data provenance to track counterfeit electronic parts infiltrating the military supply chain.