Reality Check

Michael Daconta

Reality Check

  • Hadoop represented by elephant in a data center

    Hadoop: The good, the bad and the ugly

    Government IT managers should be wary of technology overreach and focus on Hadoop's known success areas.

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  • Frustrated computer user set poor requirements. Here's how to avoid the same trap.

    Poor requirements definition for led to consumer confusion in signing up for Affordable Healthcare Act insurance.

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  • linked data

    Linked data takes a leap forward

    The new version of the W3C Resource Description Framework will help government data managers publish their data as effective and usable linked data.

  • Doctor working with a tablet computer

    Stop the fear mongering over ICD-10: It's just another taxonomy

    The complaints about the upgrade to ICD-10 health care codes illustrate common misconceptions about the organization and characteristics of big data sets.

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  • grocery shopping

    What data architects can learn from food labels

    When the FDA and the First Lady recently proposed revised food labeling, they were refactoring information – a low-cost mission multiplier government IT managers can replicate.

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  • Netflix

    Big data is just a stepping stone

    Government IT managers need to shift the focus from the data producer to the data consumer and zero in on information extraction.