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  • Maritime test bed lets Navy validate ISR systems

    Lockheed Martin has developed a new software test platform designed to mimic naval environments at sea and ashore, which will allow the company to validate sophisticated intelligence, communications and sensor systems before they are introduced in an operational environment.


    7 tactics for a smooth cloud migration

    Before making the jump to the cloud, IT managers need to lay the groundwork, ensuring the right technology and security protocols are in place as well as a complete understanding of the regulatory issues affecting the project.

  • Incident response requires forensics and storage

    The growing window between compromise and discovery on networks puts a premium on forensics, and this requires effective storage of large volumes of data.

  • Benchmark compares Hadoop systems

    The Transaction Processing Performance Council's TPCx-HS benchmark was developed to provide performance, availability and energy consumption metrics of big data systems.

  • County digitizes 200 years of records – and stays on budget

    Tompkins County, N.Y., moved from paper to digital records, making documents more accessible and avoiding the construction of a new $6 million storage facility.

  • Gartner: Start planning to move off Windows 7

    Industry analyst firm Gartner recently suggested that enterprises need to make plans to move off Windows 7.

  • Agencies stalk the insider threat

    Security, both physical and cyber, traditionally has been outward facing; but in the era of cyberwarfare, new tools are under development against a threat no one can afford to ignore.

  • Dousing wildfires with big data

    Researchers at the San Diego Supercomputer Center are using sensor data and satellite information for situational wildfire surveillance.

  • HD video eases surveillance in sprawling jail system

    The Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff's Office partnered with DataDirect Networks for real-time data capture and video archiving for more than 3,000 HD surveillance cameras generating as 30 petabytes of footage.

  • VA seeks toolkit to gauge health risks of veterans

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for information on development of a clinical toolkit to help enhance its online assessment of veterans' health risks.

  • DARPA challenges teams to predict virus spread

    Teams will build models that predict the spread of the Chikungunya virus in the Americas; the tools could be applied to other diseases and inform responses to emergencies.

  • Mobile assimilation picks up speed

    As security challenges are addressed, the mobile conversation is moving from technology acquisition and introduction to assimilation into agencies' missions.