Top Stories

  • Tracking Ebola with CDC's app

    Developed by the Centers for Disease Control, the Epi Info viral hemorrhagic fever application is getting its first chance to speed contact tracing of everyone exposed to a person with Ebola and to help with the collection and management of data.

  • FCC sets timetable for text-to-911

    The Federal Communication Commission’s new rules will ensure that all remaining wireless carriers and certain IP-based text application providers are prepared to support text-to-911 by the end of the year.

  • Behavioral health data exchange faces tech, privacy obstacles

    A recent report of a successful pilot of interstate behavioral health data exchange by a coalition of states showed that technical and operational barriers remain before such data can be exchanged nationwide.

  • ManTech upgrades enterprise malware defense platform

    ManTech updated its Active Defense endpoint malware protection platform to better streamline detection and incident response.

  • Ohio moves on statewide IT consolidation

    The state has funded a governmentwide IT consolidation that would centralize 9,000 servers and 30 smaller data centers across 26 state agencies

  • GSA makes room at the table for the CISO

    A new IT policy letter from the GSA’s CIO aims to ensure that the agency’s senior security officer is a part of all IT projects, not just brought in after the fact to monitor compliance.

  • LOC recommends formats for preservation of software, data sets

    The Library of Congress released a set of recommended formats for long-term preservation of a range of works, both for the Library and for library communities, creators, vendors and archivists.


    Layer 1 encryption: A step forward for government network security

    Already in use among a range of private enterprises and service providers today, Layer 1, 100 gigabit/sec encryption can give government network managers the ability to transport enormous volumes of data in the most secure manner possible.

  • University of Maryland opens UAS test site

    The University of Maryland has launched an unmanned aircraft systems test site in southern Maryland that will bring together leaders in academia, industry and government to accelerate UAS research.

  • Software-defined networking gaining traction

    Two recent surveys show similar attitudes about the future adoption of SDN technology in the data center.

  • Tech takes on water resource challenges

    The new National Water Center, the first U.S. center for water forecast operations, research and collaboration across federal agencies, is opening for business on the campus of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.

  • Data lakes: Don’t dive in just yet

    While some claim data lakes are essential to capitalizing on big data analytics, there is no common view about what a data lake is or how it can provide value, said Gartner researchers.