Top Stories

  • Cheat sheet for the Internet of Things

    Buckle up because the Internet of Things is about to take off fast. Here's a quick list of the basics of the new super network.

  • Latest ideation application: FBI HQ relocation

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation will implement an ideation tool so that employees can discuss the new agency headquarters building.

  • Best cyber defense: tech savvy, informed users

    Leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos moved cybersecurity higher on their agenda, but threats will only worsen without users who understand the tools and tactics of a sound cybersecurity defense.

  • Is the term ‘big data’ passé?

    While 'big data' was useful at one point in encapsulating the idea of exploiting huge volumes of structured and unstructured information, many feel the term is past its sell-by date.

  • Spartan browser to support IE-based enterprise apps

    Microsoft plans to deliver its new Spartan web browser while also permitting organizations dependent on older IE technologies to retain compatibility with their legacy web apps and intranet sites.

  • DOT greenlights first phase of smart transportation pilot

    The Transportation Department issued a pre-solicitation notice for a working model of a connected vehicle transportation system.

  • Map merge: How USGS integrates geospatial systems

    While geographic information systems have become well established in the federal government, the current challenge for agencies is to integrate their data with that from their counterparts in other jurisdictions.


    Agencies get in step with the DATA Act

    While the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act offers the government a new opportunity to enhance the rigor and usefulness of financial reporting, it’s not without its challenges.

  • Virtualization, energy saving drive SSA data center plans

    The Social Security Administration’s National Support Center designed to take advantage of new technologies, including server virtualization and energy-saving tech to lower costs and closely monitor resources.

  • Colorado to demo LTE safety network

    The LTE Demonstration Network will give first responders the chance to use some of the next generation LTE devices that will bring the power of broadband data to local, tribal, state and federal responders.

  • FirstNet gives responders access to commercial technology

    FirstNet will revolutionize public safety by providing a common, standards-based network that is constantly improved by advancements in commercial technology.

  • Big data promises a health care remedy

    Government agencies are making strides testing uses of big data to predict risks of disease or the path of a killer virus, but hurdles remain, including linking legacy datasets and setting up common vocabularies.