Top Stories

  • Smartvue puts video surveillance in Azure Government cloud

    Smartvue has been authorized to use Azure Government, which is part of the Microsoft Cloud for Government, for its military and government video surveillance solutions.

  • CBP expands mobile passport app

    The Customs and Border Patrol is expanding its Mobile Passport Control application to include Android users and use at Miami International Airport.

  • GSA looks to upgrade job vacancy management system

    The General Services Administration is researching a software-as-a-service application that would automate its job vacancy management system.

  • Growing weather database sharpens NWS forecasting

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System – which processes, organizes and distributes weather data from tens of thousands of sources – will now be supported by the National Weather Service.

  • Cities tap Yelp to improve health inspection process

    Restaurant hygiene inspection data on Yelp is helping city health inspectors better target offenders and pushing restaurants to clean up their act.


    3 paths to efficiency via IT automation

    Automation improves operating efficiency and reduces costs, while meeting escalating demands on the IT department and the government agency as a whole.

  • Chicago, Argonne Lab deploy Internet of super sensors

    The city of Chicago is partnering with the Argonne National Lab to develop a network of large, remote sensing platforms capable of gathering data on traffic congestion, air quality, buildings' energy consumption and the direction of gunshots on city streets.

  • NIH dives into cyber-physical systems research

    The National Institutes of Health is among several federal agencies offering grants for breakthrough projects showing the integration of computational and physical systems.

  • Unknown clouds in the government enterprise

    A new report finds that employees in the average public sector organization actually use 721 cloud services, which is 10 times more than IT departments expect.

  • Now that’s persistent: Equation’s firmware threat

    An Equation Group threat that uses disk drive firmware to plant malware in systems points to the kind of sophisticated and hard-to-tackle menace that will increasingly be a part of black hat attacks.

  • DHS casts wide net for future tech

    The Department of Homeland Security has launched several programs to engage the public, first responders, industry representatives, academia and government officials in shaping the future of homeland security technology.

  • Using open data to protect food supply

    A roundtable discussion at New York University focused on how the Department of Agriculture can improve national food resiliency and protect the food supply through the use of open data.