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  • Puppet Labs partners to automate enterprise networking

    Puppet Labs offers a program with leading IT firms to automate provisioning of enterprise storage and networking systems

  • Total Communicator Solutions project boundary wellness app

    Gamifying healthy behavior in the workplace

    HHS's Project Boundary uses an indoor ecosystem of proximity beacons that send context-appropriate triggers to users via their cellphones to encourage healthy behaviors within the workplace.

  • Surveyor taking measurements on the cloud

    NIST maps the frontier of cloud forensics

    Cloud computing muddies the waters of digital forensics, obscuring where data resides and who controls it, creating new challenges in incident response and in civil and criminal investigations.

  • Futuristic cities in the clouds

    4 cities win AWS cloud innovation challenge

    Amazon Web Services announced the winners of the first City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge that recognizes innovative and impactful local government projects running on the AWS cloud.

  • Man stares at screen

    Can telework improve cybersecurity?

    Although the federal government is trying to encourage telework, a new survey shows agencies are losing workers because of a lack of telework opportunities at a time when a shortage of cybersecurity professionals is being called a threat to national security.

  • RFID and NFC enabled government identification

    The future of government ID cards

    Employee IDs cards are incorporating some relatively mature technologies that increase the level of interaction and tracking potential.

  • Nautical chart

    NOAA charts course toward open nautical data

    This summer, NOAA's Coast Survey office plans to offer a new service that will make it easier for application developers to use NOAA charts in their products.

  • Soccer game

    Smart cloud helps cities manage events, services

    Delivered in the IBM SmartCloud, the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) helps users monitor citywide operations by collecting, visualizing and analyzing operational data from multiple sources.

  • Meeting of small team of software developers

    Successful software projects are no accident

    Best-in-class government IT projects share common traits that agencies can use to ensure success.

  • Los Angeles County opts for Office 365

    Los Angeles County opts for Office 365

    More than 120,000 county and law enforcement staff in Los Angeles County will migrate to Office 365 as part of an agreement that will also consolidate 15 department contracts into one.