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  • cybersecurity tools for the electric grid

    Grid security as a service?

    Vencore Labs’ SecureSMART solution helps utilities detect early signs of attacks on wireless networks and validate security controls in the electric grid.

  • hoverbike

    Army moves closer to hoverbike

    A feasibility study indicated a successful performance of the Army Research Lab’s tactical reconnaissance vehicle, which will now move toward the prototype phase.

  • devops assessment quiz

    Think you’re ready for DevOps? Take the quiz

    An online DevOps self-assessment tool evaluates an organization’s readiness then provides guidance on which areas to focus on next.

  • OPM data breach

    OPM: 21.5 million affected by background-check breach

    The Office of Personnel Management warned that anyone who has submitted to a background check since 2000 is likely at risk — as are some of the family and associates listed on their applications.

  • VC offers to fund open data for California counties

    VC offers to fund open data for California counties

    Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper is donating up to $500,000 to provide every California county with a year-long subscription to OpenGov, a cloud-based financial analysis and transparency platform.

  • IFTTT: Recipes for working smarter

    “If This Then That” is a social media service that combines 166 channels such as Twitter, RSS and Android and iOS location services into “recipes” that can integrate government social media, data, location-based services and the Internet of Things.

  • derived credentials for smartphones

    How to protect data for the always connected employee

    The key to enhancing mobile security is combining a secure digital identity with a second authentication factor such as a PIN or fingerprint to let employees use their devices to authenticate themselves for physical and digital access.

  • Cyber Innovation Center at the National Cyber Research Park

    New cyber programs debut in California, Louisiana

    Louisiana Tech and the University of San Diego have launched programs to support public-private cybersecurity research and build a cyber-savvy workforce.

  • Successfully migrating and monitoring apps in the cloud

    Successfully migrating and monitoring apps in the cloud

    Moving to the cloud might have less of an impact than you might imagine. Data will continue to be secure, applications will continue to perform in generally the same way and job security will not change.

  • Army building VICTORY into vehicle interoperability

    VICTORY drives Army vehicle interoperability

    The Army plans to further incorporate the standard for Vehicular Integration for C4ISR Interoperability into its emerging and legacy fleet platforms.