data centers
  • Sun announces Nehalem-based servers

    Several new products also introduced under the company's Open Network Systems initiative.

  • Air flow control can yield more efficient data centers

    DOE's Berkeley National Laboratory is engaged in several projects to demonstrate how cooling and technology can more effectively manage air flow in data centers, thus improving energy efficiency.

  • Energy Star zeros in on green servers

    The Environmental Protection Agency and industry partners are moving closer to an Energy Star specification for enterprise servers that will help government agencies identify systems that deliver performance while reducing energy consumption.

  • Zeroing in on greener enterprise servers

    EPA and industry partners move toward an Energy Star specification for enterprise servers that will help agencies identify systems that deliver performance while reducing energy consumption.

  • Data center managers do more with less

    Data center managers in both the public and private sectors report being caught between increasing demands for performance and shrinking budgets.

  • Ethernet gets twisted

    Mellanox's twisted-pair 10GBase-T controller could fuse application and storage networks.

Topic Resources

  • Everything Storage: Learn How to Store All Your Data Underneath a Single, Extremely Scalable, Software-Defined Architecture

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  • GameChanger: Microsegmentation

    In less than a decade, more than 87 million records with sensitive or private information have been exposed due to cyber-incidents on federal networks alone. Increasingly, organizations are beginning to realize that perimeter-based security just isn’t enough anymore. Download to learn how for many data centers, the solution is microsegmentation.

  • Infographic: Software-Defined Enterprise

    Moving to a fully software-defined enterprise takes time, and is typically done in steps: virtualization, cloud, software-defined storage, software-defined networking, the software-defined data center, and then full SDE. Slowly but surely, organizations are making their way. Download this infographic to learn how to overcome challenges and lower costs through SDE.

  • County Enhances Critical Services for Citizens

    Miami-Dade County needed to streamline database administration and development to ensure that critical government services are constantly available and aligned to the needs of local citizens. Read this whitepaper to learn how the county accelerated database management and development tasks.

  • Converged Systems: Gaining Steam

    Government IT managers are beginning to see the value in converged systems for some of their workloads. They are finding that they not only save money and reduce complexity, but help IT better align with agency priorities. Converged infrastructure can increase application availability, centralize and simplify management, enable rapid provisioning of new systems and virtual machines, lower operation and maintenance costs, improve visibility and control, and reduce hardware footprint.