emerging technology
  • New smart-card, CAC reader built for government

    Belkin says its the first reader built specifically for use in defense and civilian agencies.

  • New software gets GPO over the XML hurdle

    The XML Professional Publisher system will replace a 30-year-old homegrown system and enable the direct formatting of XML documents for electronic and print publication.

  • Leap's 3-D technology could change the way you work (and play)

    Leap Motion's forthcoming $70 interactive system might make you forget the mouse, touch pad or touch screen.

  • D-Link cameras stream surveillance data to the cloud

    The new cameras can be monitored via smart phone, freeing security personnel from their monitors.

  • Hard Drive

    Could helium in hard drives make performance go 'Up?'

    Western Digital plans to encase hard drives in helium to reduce drag, lower power consumption and increase performance.

  • Intel’s big idea: A hefty 27-inch tablet

    The Adaptive All-In-One is a desktop PC and also works as a 27-inch, 14-pound tablet PC. But what can you use it for?

  • ‘Biometrics in a box’ – migrating Windows apps to the Amazon cloud

    A hands-on look at migrating biometrics applications to Amazon's cloud.

  • Spot the bot: Identifying robot behavior to defeat DDOS attacks

    A new hosted service uses proprietary algorithms to distinguish between human and non-human behavior in Web traffic, which could help stop DDOS attacks before they get going.

  • The return of the sneaker net

    Bigger bandwidth nearly killed off sneaker nets entirely, but today's gigantic files sizes just might bring them back.

  • RIM wants your BlackBerry to be your access badge

    HID Global has a service that would let users replace ID credentials and tokens with their BlackBerry phones. Could it work in a government enterprise?

Topic Resources

  • Best Practices in Web-based Application Security

    Security experts make it clear: The application is the new network perimeter. Agencies looking to ensure the security of their networks and systems need to ensure the security of the application layer. Fortunately, even as Web applications come under increasing attack, security professionals are developing strategies to address these vulnerabilities. In this webcast, a federal expert will share best practices and lessons learned in devising Web-based application security that is both robust and scalable.

  • High Speed Guard: Understanding the Business Case for Cross Domain Data Sharing Solutions

    The need for information sharing across operational domains has never been greater. Agencies in law enforcement, defense and other public sectors need to ensure that mission-critical data is available to users across network boundaries -- quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. But they also need to ensure that those transfers happen securely. In this webcast, Shaheen Parks, an analyst with Forrester Research, will discuss the business case for an automated cross domain information transfer solution, such as Raytheon’s High Speed Guard.

  • GameChanger: NoSQL

    Big data is big business for government. It’s clear in the funding provided for big data-related projects, and it’s clear in the response from agencies at all levels of government. Download this informative whitepaper to learn how NoSQL can expand possibilities by tapping into the unrealized value of your organization’s big data.

  • The STAND: Cybersecurity

    Advanced persistent threats. Zero-day attacks. Insider threats. Cybersecurity experts say that if IT leaders are not concerned about the ongoing evolution of the cyber landscape, it just means they are not paying enough attention. The problem is that these and other emerging cyber tactics are designed to evade traditional cyber defenses and escape detection until it’s too late. The good news is it’s not a lost cause. In this special report, two subject matter experts discuss cybersecurity technologies and strategies that can help agencies defend their systems and data against the latest cyber threats, today and into the future.