emerging technology
  • Flash memory in government data centers? The pros and cons.

    IBM's purchase of Texas Memory Systems raises the possibility that we'll be seeing flash in government data centers before too long. What are the advantages?

  • FBI to open facial recognition searches to police nationwide

    A pilot project that started in Michigan will give police in in several states access to a database of nearly 13 million mug shots.

  • DARPA's next big thing is … analog computing?

    The key to mining those huge data sets collected from sensors and camera systems is to leave digital computing behind, the agency says.

  • TSA mulls use of 'courteous' avatars to speed airport check-ins

    The agency is exploring a new way of handling large numbers of air travelers possibly through hologram imaging.

  • Will money be printed at 100,000 dpi?

    Researchers have found the point at which printing meets reality. What could government do with it?

  • Former wartime blimp refitted for border surveillance

    Customs and Border Protection is testing an aerostat used in Afghanistan along the Arizona-Mexico border.

  • VA forecasts $3.5M in early energy savings from new system

    Environmental Management System collects and reports 3,000 energy data points every 10 seconds, including main electrical and water services.

  • Mobilescope warns you when apps are leaking data

    Mobile apps often take liberties with your personal data; this tool lets you know what they're up to.

  • IBM's dancing electrons create spintronics breakthrough

    Research could change the game for computing and storage.

  • Shawn P. McCarthy

    Why rebuilding your architecture from scratch could be the best bet

    Cloud computing, virtualized IT, an information-consuming public and demands from to do more with less are forcing agency IT shops to rethink their approach.

  • Air Force wants to eliminate radar interference from wind turbines

    The proliferation of wind turbines especially near military installations has created risks to radar systems.

  • Avatar screens border-crossers in Arizona

    CBP is testing a system that uses speech recognition and voice anomaly-detection software to detect signs that a traveler might be lying.

  • Army's MORPHINATOR: A shape-shifting approach to network defense

    The cyber maneuver technology would randomize configurations and other aspects of a network to fool and foil intruders.

  • Air Force to expand use of cyber warfare training center

    Illinois center will include more military commands, educational institutions and other federal agencies.

Topic Resources

  • Managing Regulatory and Compliance Requirements with a Quality Management Tool and Process

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  • Update on Assessment & Authorization (A&A) Processes for Cross Domain Solutions

    As introduced in our latest certification and accreditation (C&A) basics webcast (“Navigating Certification & Accreditation – A Primer) C&A terminology is transitioning to assessment and authorization (A&A). See the associated white paper “From C&A to A&A – The RMF Shoe Has Dropped.” Continuing the transition discussion, Raytheon Cyber Products and Steve Welke are pleased to present a webcast updating the latest information on A&A processes for cross domain, multilevel security solutions. Join Steve Welke, an A&A industry expert, as he discusses the A&A principles, requirements and processes.

  • Increase Data Security through Your Print Solution

    You’ve consolidated your desktops with virtualization and moved your data to the cloud. What else can you do to obtain additional costs savings and increase security while keeping your network flexible? Connect print and digital information from across your organization with the people who need it, exactly when they need it. Join this webcast to learn how security software and printing solutions work together to eliminate extraneous printers at multiple sensitivity levels, allowing organizations to recognize significant savings from reduced hardware, space, power, support and supplies.

  • Everything Storage: Learn How to Store All Your Data Underneath a Single, Extremely Scalable, Software-Defined Architecture

    Join us as we discuss scalable, software-defined storage architecture and integration, along with hardware and software technologies that empower Everything Storage. You will also be introduced to the leading massive-scale, open-platform solution for object storage. Be sure to tune-in to learn and ask questions about how open-platform solutions can bring you enterprise-class reliability, performance and simplicity without vendor lock-in and the associated price tag.

  • IBM i2 National Security and Defense Intelligence Demo

    In this video IBM Product Manager James Vincent presents an overview and demo of IBM® i2® National Security and Defense Intelligence—a cost effective information exploitation solution that provides data acquisition, multi-faceted intelligence analysis and multi-agency and partner collaboration features.