emerging technology
  • Wires

    Don't get your wires (and cables) in a twist

    PigTails offers a unique, clear way to label cords and cables.

  • How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? Archive service may have answer

    Sonian File Archive offers a secure way to store files in the cloud.

  • Sensor array maps a first responder's location, movements

    A prototype developed at MIT can automatically map a hazardous environment as a responder moves through it.

  • Why is ICANN selling government-sounding domain names?

    An investment group that applied for 307 generic top-level domains, including .army, .airforce and .medical, is raising concerns over the potential for fraud.

  • Is nothing sacred: Ubuntu goes commercial?

    The most counter-culture OS adds Amazon-sponsored links, but there is a reason.

  • Energy adapts its PKI to handle old and new technologies

    Although PIV cards are intended to be a standard source for PKI certificates, legacy hardware and software and the emergence of mobile devices have led DOE to adopt a gateway encryption appliance for secure e-mail.

  • 3D printing grows up, can now arm itself

    As the administration funds research into the technology, one hobbyist shows he can print a working semi-automatic rifle.

  • NOAA, Navy swimming with the SHARCs

    Unmanned ocean-going Wave Gliders proving useful for research and, perhaps, much more.

  • New smart-card, CAC reader built for government

    Belkin says its the first reader built specifically for use in defense and civilian agencies.

  • New software gets GPO over the XML hurdle

    The XML Professional Publisher system will replace a 30-year-old homegrown system and enable the direct formatting of XML documents for electronic and print publication.

  • Leap's 3-D technology could change the way you work (and play)

    Leap Motion's forthcoming $70 interactive system might make you forget the mouse, touch pad or touch screen.

  • D-Link cameras stream surveillance data to the cloud

    The new cameras can be monitored via smart phone, freeing security personnel from their monitors.

  • Hard Drive

    Could helium in hard drives make performance go 'Up?'

    Western Digital plans to encase hard drives in helium to reduce drag, lower power consumption and increase performance.

  • Intel’s big idea: A hefty 27-inch tablet

    The Adaptive All-In-One is a desktop PC and also works as a 27-inch, 14-pound tablet PC. But what can you use it for?

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