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  • Michigan county mixes data center options with reference architecture

    County mixes data center options with reference architecture

    In Oakland County, Mich., a reference architecture approach to upgrading the enterprise helps preserve features of its existing data center while providing flexibility to adopt new services.

  • With converged IT, agencies rethink the data center

    With converged IT, agencies rethink the data center

    Agencies are exploring new options for reinvesting in physical infrastructure as new options open up to retool the data center and its features to the needs of government.

  • Dogs help police detect electronic devices

    State Police enlist drive-sniffing dogs

    Thoreau, a golden retriever, has been trained to find hard drives, thumb drives and other tech devices for the Rhode Island state police.

  • Food safety analytics

    IBM harvests supermarket data to spot, predict foodborne illnesses

    The company’s system will help public health departments and health care providers quickly identify and predict sources of foodborne illnesses.

  • screenshot of the Hurricane Evacuation Encouragement Demonstrator (HEED)

    Hurricane simulation tool encourages citizen evacuation

    Researchers at Old Dominion University's Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center have developed a tool that graphically demonstrates the threat posed by high winds and rising water during a storm.

  • Tech decisions driving Michigan

    Tech decisions driving Michigan's public safety expansion

    In the last decade, the state of Michigan has achieved near blanket coverage of its Public Safety Communications System, a digital voice IP network of federal, state, tribal and private public safety agencies and police departments across the state.

  • Firefighter using Michigan public safety network

    How Michigan set the pace for state public safety networking

    After Detroit established the first city police radio system, the state maintained an upgrade path that kept it at the forefront of local public safety communications.

  • Futuristic cities in the clouds

    4 cities win AWS cloud innovation challenge

    Amazon Web Services announced the winners of the first City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge that recognizes innovative and impactful local government projects running on the AWS cloud.

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