State & Local

  • traffic stop

    Austin Police move in-car video into the 21st century

    The Austin Police Department replaced its aging VHS video recording system with a faster, greener, more cost-effective digital system to document police activity on the streets.

  • California State Assembly

    Wiki to crowdsource changes to Calif. probate code

    Citizens can draft, edit and view the bill's history via a wiki set up by California Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

  • traffic

    Really? Cones for a traffic study?

    These days, analysts conduct traffic studies without getting in the way of drivers by using microsimulation software.

  • metro

    Cloud-based analytics keeps Montreal's buses full and ridership growing

    A combination of cloud computing and business analytics has helped the city of Montreal track the habits of individual public transit riders — and reward their loyalty.

  • accelerate

    Infor accelerates government systems deployment

    Infor Implementation Accelerators deliver templates via Web platforms and desktop customization for common government processes.

  • police officer

    App gives police access to oft-used info, unclogging 911 dispatch centers

    Badge Buddy cuts down on officers' reliance on dispatchers for relaying of noncritical information, saving time, improving efficiency.

  • Texas opts for General Dynamics CloudBroker services

    General Dynamics' CloudBroker portal helps customers procure and manage cloud infrastructure and services.

  • RTM

    Rutgers' RTM Dx makes crime prediction affordable

    RTM Dx is a free tool developed by researchers at Rutgers University's School of Criminal Justice to help police predict where crimes are going to occur.

  • social DC

    DC transforms social media site with citizen-service analytics

    The D.C. government used analytics to transform a social media project from a one-way public relations effort into a community-based platform for listening to residents and collaborating on public-service improvements.

  • Online tax lien auction

    New Jersey town takes the taxing out of tax collection

    Red Bank now conducts its tax lien auctions online, speeding payments and improving efficiency.

  • hacking

    ISO: Open-source tools to liberate data from PDFs

    In an effort to expand open-source PDF conversion options, the Sunlight Foundation is holding the PDF Liberation Hackathon, dedicated to improving open-source tools for PDF extraction.

  • Karen Jackson named Va. secretary of technology

    Virginia's Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe announced last week that he had chosen Karen Jackson to serve as secretary of technology.

  • subway

    Glitches slow Chicago transit e-fare system

    The roll-out of Chicago's new electronic open-fare public transit payment system has been stymied by authentication and accounting errors.

  • big data tools

    Next big things in big data: Visualization, knowledge clouds, fast clusters

    The open-source cluster computing tool called Spark speeds programming and can run up to 100 times faster than Hadoop Map Reduce.

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  • Store Less, Spend Less: Managing Data According to Its Economic Value

    The term “big data” is now passing into the common vernacular. Although initially as much about the power of business analytics and data mining, the semantics have now swung to encapsulate data that is just big and of course, resource hungry, whether in terms of management, sheer storage capacity, or budgets. In that respect, the numbers are getting increasingly alarming: Estimates suggest that 90% of the world’s information was created in the last two years, and 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily. Download this informative whitepaper to gain further insights into the conflicting demands of storage management.