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  • E-procurement tools automate purchasing cycle

    E-procurement tools automate purchasing cycle

    BidSync has added two new products to its e-procurement suite, creating a cloud-based solution that automates every phase of the purchasing cycle.

  • With fax in the cloud, Charles County streamlines workflow

    With fax in the cloud, Charles County streamlines workflow

    Charles County found a way to leverage its VoIP network to update and secure its faxing services, while drastically reducing costs.

  • USGS mapping efforts in Alaska

    USGS chips away at high-res 3D map of the United States

    A set of technical maps with elevation data of the entire United States would generate public safety cost savings and spawn decision support tools for flood management, agriculture and vehicle navigation, backers say.

  • Futuristic cityscape

    NIST kicks off round 2 of SmartAmerica Challenge

    The Global City Teams Challenge is a contest to develop advanced networking technologies to address critical community interests, including air quality, traffic management and emergency services coordination.

  • NNSA tests cloud-based radiation data collection network

    NNSA tests cloud-based radiation data collection network

    The National Nuclear Security Administration recently tested the RadResponder network, which provides data collection and sharing tools for federal, state, local, tribal and territorial organizations responding to radiological emergencies.

  • Massachusetts readies IP-based, interoperable 911 system

    General Dynamics will set up an IP-based system that prepares Massachusetts to add new technologies, including smart phones, texting, video and web services, to its first-response arsenal.

  • Baltimore dives into smart water metering

    Baltimore dives into smart water metering

    Baltimore is one of the latest cities to install automated meters to collect precise data on utility usage in an effort to provide more accurate billing, increase efficiency and reduce waste.

  • Maryland moves HR to the cloud

    The state of Maryland will replace and consolidate its legacy, on-premise human resources software with a unified system from Workday.

  • Disaster Assessment and Assistance Dashboard

    Disaster dashboard taps local open data

    The Disaster Assessment and Assistance Dashboard enables citizens, businesses and governments to share resources, request assistance and better understand the potential and timeline for recovery.

  • Cloud-based videoconferencing and collaboration take the travel out of meetings

    Cloud-based collaboration takes the travel out of meetings

    Ease of use is the deciding factor for choosing a videoconferencing and collaboration tool for Oregon's Department of Land Conservation and Development.

  • Orange County cleans up its voter registration list

    Orange County cleans up its voter registration list

    The Orange County Registrar of Voters turned to Experian Public Sector to help it verify addresses of inactive voters and save money.

  • County digitizes 200 years of records

    County digitizes 200 years of records – and stays on budget

    Tompkins County, N.Y., moved from paper to digital records, making documents more accessible and avoiding the construction of a new $6 million storage facility.

  • HD video eases surveillance in sprawling jail system

    HD video eases surveillance in sprawling jail system

    The Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff's Office partnered with DataDirect Networks for real-time data capture and video archiving for more than 3,000 HD surveillance cameras generating as 30 petabytes of footage.

  • Mobile assimilation picks up speed

    Mobile assimilation picks up speed

    As security challenges are addressed, the mobile conversation is moving from technology acquisition and introduction to assimilation into agencies' missions.

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  • Store Less, Spend Less: Managing Data According to Its Economic Value

    The term “big data” is now passing into the common vernacular. Although initially as much about the power of business analytics and data mining, the semantics have now swung to encapsulate data that is just big and of course, resource hungry, whether in terms of management, sheer storage capacity, or budgets. In that respect, the numbers are getting increasingly alarming: Estimates suggest that 90% of the world’s information was created in the last two years, and 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily. Download this informative whitepaper to gain further insights into the conflicting demands of storage management.

  • Big Five in Overdrive: Are State and Local Networks Ready?

    As state and local government organizations grapple with tight budgets, demanding constituents, growing data volumes, and cross-government coordination challenges, the "Big Five of IT" – data center consolidation, mobility, security, big data, and cloud computing – promise to improve agency performance, productivity, and service. But are state and local networks ready? This research report examines potential network impact, state and local readiness, and how organizations can prepare for the onslaught.

  • The New Rules for Storage in the Era of Big Data

    The big data era presents new opportunities and advantages for agencies that are able to exploit its capabilities. However, the velocity at which data must be processed poses major challenges as it relates to the IT infrastructure. This whitepaper examines what all-flash storage systems can do to help agencies leverage big data technologies and optimize the benefits they can attain.

  • An Executive Guide to Analytics Infrastructure: Imperatives for Advanced Analytics

    Get the most information from your data. Business has never been faster and is increasingly dependent on the timely analysis of large volumes of data for strategic and operational decisions. As executives come to rely on advanced analytics, the importance of a robust IT infrastructure cannot be overstated.Data comes from everywhere; make sure you get it in time, every time.

  • Research Report: The Virtualization Playbook

    The increasing complexity of the government enterprise—and the increasing volume and complexity of the data being managed—is forcing agency IT managers to rethink how they manage the infrastructure. Virtualization is at the center of that. By virtualizing key elements of the data center, agencies gain flexibility, scalability and manageability. And those gains are magnified when agencies integrate those systems into a cohesive whole. At the same time, IT managers are looking to bolster their infrastructures with emerging storage and storage management options. The data center of the future is taking shape now.