State & Local

  • Wi-Fi-based pay phones in New York City

    NYC transforms pay phones into Wi-Fi network

    New York City will install multi-function, Wi-Fi-based phone kiosks across the city offering free gigabit Wi-Fi and free domestic calls across the United States.

  • Chicago DOT maps out project management

    Real-time mapping service coordinates Chicago's road work

    Using dotMaps, transportation officials in Chicago can quickly see city infrastructure projects to avoid conflicts and maximize efficiency.

  • Expedition 39 flight engineer and NASA astronaut Steve Swanson activates the Veggie plant growth system and Veg-01 experiment in the Columbus module on the International Space Station.

    Galactic Grant Competition to fund space station research

    Massachusetts announced a Galactic Grant Competition for commonwealth-based life science companies to conduct research on the International Space Station.

  • Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal keeps responders ahead of the fire line

    GIS portal keeps responders ahead of the fireline

    The fusion of 40 data sets from federal, state and local agencies gives the Forest Service's fire managers a central source of spatial data for mapping, decision support, business intelligence and situational awareness.

  • Police can store body-cam video in secure Azure cloud

    Police can store body-cam video in secure Azure cloud

    A partnership between Microsoft and VIEVU, a manufacturer of police body cameras, will let officers transfer their videos to Microsoft’s soon-to-be-released Azure Government Cloud.

  • city enlists citizens in online crime fighting

    City enlists citizens in online crime fighting

    With the Coplogic online crime-reporting portal, Chico, Calif., police save staff time and improve report accuracy.

  • Early warning systems for police

    Early warning systems fail to flag problem police

    A recent review of Los Angeles Police Department’s early warning system found it had limited predictive capabilities.

  • Texas takes on its legacy infrastructure

    Texas legacy detox: 6 ways to clean up aging IT

    A recent report from the Texas Department of Information Resources offers tactics to reduce the state’s dependence on its legacy systems.

  • Coalition supports e-citation tech for safety, service and savings

    Coalition supports e-citation tech for safety, service and savings

    A new industry group is calling for greater use of electronic citation systems in an effort to reduce time officers spend writing tickets, improving safety and removing paper-based inefficiencies.

  • USDA hones tools to track SNAP fraud

    Is food stamp fraud declining? USDA hones tools to find out.

    The USDA is working to improve tools and tactics for anti-fraud detection, despite reports that error rates are dropping fast.

  • NYPD gets 41,000 tablets, handhelds for officers

    NYPD gets 41,000 tablets, handhelds for officers

    The $160 million initiative will upgrade the NYPD’s mobile platform, allowing the department to outfit up to 6,000 police cars with rugged tablets and provide 35,000 handheld devices for police officers.

  • NYPA New York Energy Manager control center

    Energy hub to improve efficiency in NY public buildings

    The New York Energy Manager will provide real-time energy use and trending data for 3,000 state government buildings.

  • RoadRunner traffic routing system

    Traffic cure? RoadRunner automates routing

    Researchers at MIT have demonstrated a simple system that uses virtual tokens tracked over wireless networks to detect traffic congestion and reroute traffic.

  • Piqua Fast Fiber Optic SCADA

    How a city’s SCADA upgrade turned bandwidth into revenue

    The city of Piqua, Ohio, took advantage of the need to replace an aging SCADA network by building enough bandwidth to serve city needs, with some left over to sell.