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Identity Management: Creating the Foundation for an Enterprise Approach

Identity and access management is an essential element of an enterprise cybersecurity strategy. The ability to control access to IT resources based on the particular requirements of employees or groups of employees makes it possible to maintain the security of those resources without disrupting employee productivity. But most agencies have deployed identity management in a stovepipe manner, which limits their ability to achieve economies of scale or to leverage the full capabilities of the technology.

That’s not the case at the Army, which has developed a comprehensive reference architecture to guide the deployment of an identity infrastructure across the service. In this webcast, Gary Blohm, director of the Army Architecture Integration Center in the Army CIO/G6 office, will explain how this initiative is serving as the foundation for current and future enterprise initiatives. Mr. Blohm will discuss the Army program, goals, and guiding principles.

Topics include:

  • Army Identity and Access Management (IdAM) as foundational element of the Army Network of 2020 & Beyond
  • Guiding Principles for IdAM
  • Army efforts to advance IdAM