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High Speed Guard: Understanding the Business Case for Cross Domain Data Sharing Solutions

The need for information sharing across operational domains has never been greater. Agencies in law enforcement, defense and other public sectors need to ensure that mission-critical data is available to users across network boundaries -- quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. But they also need to ensure that those transfers happen securely.

In this webcast, Shaheen Parks, an analyst with Forrester Research, will discuss the business case for an automated cross domain information transfer solution, such as Raytheon’s High Speed Guard. Specifically she will look at a customer from the law enforcement community and explain how Forrester has used its Total Economic Impact methodology to quantify the costs, benefits, and risks associated with the implementation.

Participants will be able to use this framework and results to understand how the use of High Speed Guard can help them automate manual process and reduce the administrative burden, while increasing security and improving their capability to expedite information sharing.

Participants will learn:

  • How an automated manual data transfer and information sharing process can increase productivity
  • How the integration of people, process, and technology facilitates secure information sharing and leads to enterprise cost savings
  • How deploying a secure transfer guard solution adds security and efficiency into your enterprise