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Flash Storage: The Critical Piece in the Performance Puzzle

Governmental IT organizations are being asked to deliver increased services with less funding.  The costs and latency constraints of traditional disk-based storage result in high costs and erratic performance, particularly for databases, virtualized servers, and virtual desktop applications.

Solid-state, flash-based storage promises relief from the ongoing purchase cycle of massive, expensive, low-performance disk.  Flash is smaller, denser, more efficient, faster, and easier to manage than disk and is fundamentally changing how government agencies purchase and deploy storage systems.

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • How flash drives both storage performance and storage administrator productivity
  • How data reduction technologies drive down the cost of flash storage to at or below the cost of disk
  • How storage features can enhance your security posture and protect vital data
  • Real-world examples of successful flash storage system deployment and the subsequent outcomes

Join us to help better position your organization to take advantages of the cost, performance, and simplicity benefits offered by flash-based storage systems.