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Flash Storage: The Next Generation of Storage has Arrived

Today, Government IT organizations are being forced to do more with less due to budget cuts and increased requirements for performance, features and scalability. Storage infrastructure is a key component of overall database, virtual server and VDI environments that has a direct influence on performance. But the complexity and cost of creating the best storage environment to support high performance architecture can be daunting.

Join this webcast to learn how to take the complexity out of storage infrastructure and deliver breakthrough performance for your tier-1 applications. Learn how to leverage the power of all-flash to cut processing times to a fraction of the time it takes on disk, while greatly increasing end-user satisfaction.

Attendees will learn how flash storage addresses:

  • High performance requirements - at the cost of traditional disk
  • Government IT budget cuts
  • Disaster recovery and protection in highly distributed environments

Help better position your organization by taking advantages of the cost, performance, and simplicity benefits offered by flash-based storage systems.