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Everything Storage: Learn How to Store All Your Data Underneath a Single, Extremely Scalable, Software-Defined Architecture

The need for massive, self-managing data storage has never been greater, yet SAN & NAS architectures from the 90’s continue to be procured, deployed and maintained today at great costs. Furthermore, SAN and NAS are simply unable to accommodate the ever-increasing complex demand for storage that can scale massively and effortlessly with the flexibility and agility required for today’s applications. Today, object-based storage solutions provide the flexibility, scalability and budget-friendly economics that explain their rapid adoption for environments and applications that range from cloud, analytics, big content/big data, legacy file and block compatibility, and cold storage or archiving needs.

Join us as we discuss scalable, software-defined storage architecture and integration, along with hardware and software technologies that empower Everything Storage. You will also be introduced to the leading massive-scale, open-platform solution for object storage. Be sure to tune-in to learn and ask questions about how open-platform solutions can bring you enterprise-class reliability, performance and simplicity without vendor lock-in and the associated price tag.

Topics and discussion points include:

  • Object storage that is S3 & SWIFT Compatible
  • Helium Drive Technology w/XTS AES-256 FIPS Certified Encryption
  • High-Performance Cache and Storage Pools w/ NAND flash technologies
  • Global, Instant Synchronization and Erasure-Coded Storage Pools
  • Multi-Site Capabilities and Multi-Tenant Design
  • Dynamic Rebalancing and Simplified Disaster Recovery
  • Extensible Programmability and Advanced Direct-Access
  • OpenStack CINDER and Apache CloudStack integration
  • Integration with Hadoop/HDFS/SAMBA & Active Directory

As a takeaway, you will receive the IDC white paper “Helium Taking HDDs to New Heights”. Register Now.

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