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Big Data Marries End User Behavior – Mitigate the Insider Threat

Business leaders hear a lot of buzz words, two at the top of today’s list are: big data and insider threat. What do they really mean? Are they really worthy of attention? Why do some trusted insiders do bad things, and how do many organizations allow those bad things to happen? And most importantly, how can organizations leverage visibility into end-user behavior with Big Data analytics, to detect and prevent insider misuse?

Join us to hear from Vice President and Research Fellow, IT Security and IT GRC, Derek E Brink from Aberdeen as he presents his white paper about the insider threat, 3 activities to worry about, 5 ways they’re allowed to happen and what to do about it. He will be joined by Director of Insider Threat Programs, Daniel Velez from Raytheon, who will share over a decade of lessons learned regarding insider threat solutions.

What you will learn from this webcast:

  • 3 activities to worry about regarding the insider threat
  • 5 ways they’re allowed to happen
  • How big data and end-user behavior effectively mitigate the threat
  • Lessons learned from a decade of implementing insider threat programs

All attendees will receive the white paper by Derek E Brink on Big Data and the insider threat.