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The Transformation of Education through State Education Clouds

Mar 15, 2013

Cloud computing represents a revolutionary technological paradigm shift that can dramatically improve the quality of education for all students in a given state, from K-12 to higher education. Through the Internet, it can deliver the most advanced software and educational materials, hardware resources and services to students and educators in even the most impoverished or remote school districts in the state, without the need for advanced IT expertise at those locations.

At the same time, it does more for significantly less, providing needed relief for currently strained education budgets. From an IT infrastructure perspective, it dramatically reduces resource management costs — including power, cooling and system management personnel — while driving up the utilization of hardware and software, which in turn reduces purchasing requirements.

What is meant by a cloud computing solution? There are a number of circulating definitions for a cloud, but simply, a cloud can be considered to be a collection of hardware, software and other resources that can be accessed over the Internet, and used to assemble a solution on demand (that is, at the time of the request) to provide a set of services back to the requester.

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