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IBM Rational System Architect DoDAF 2.0 Migration Toolkit

Dec 07, 2012

Many IBM® Rational® System Architect users have an inventory of model assets in US Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) version 1.5 and other sources. These model assets can be in DoDAF Classic, DoDAF ABM, in other models or in all these forms. Users in the DoD, the aerospace and defense industries have created and reused these model assets over an extended period of time for various projects. The DoD has issued a directive calling for the use of DoDAF version 2.0, making migration or rebuilding of these existing assets necessary. Recreating these modeling assets in DoDAF 2.0 can be a costly and time-consuming exercise and also may lead to loss of data during the transition. The System Architect Migration Toolkit is designed to reduce the cost and time needed for the migration.

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