European worm fails to bite into federal systems

European worm fails to bite into federal systems

The newest Internet worm, which began spreading early this month in Europe, made few waves on this side of the Atlantic. Known as Homepage, the worm failed to penetrate government computer systems.

The worm, in Visual Basic Script, arrived in e-mail with the subject 'Homepage' and the message, 'Hi! You've got to see this page! It's really cool.'

When a user opened the attachment homepage.html.vbs, it mailed itself to all addresses in the user's Microsoft Outlook address book, erased its tracks and then tried to point Microsoft Internet Explorer to one of four pornographic Web sites. The worm did no direct damage to computers or networks, but its spread overwhelmed some e-mail servers.

'We haven't seen anything [significant] in the United States,' said a spokesman for FedCIRC, the government's computer intrusion response center. 'It has mostly been overseas.'

'W. Jackson

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