Set Windows to freeze out VBS viruses

Set Windows to freeze out VBS viruses

Any e-mail message with a Visual Basic Script icon strikes fear in the hearts of network administrators because the e-mail may harbor virus scripting.

Mail server screening and firewalls help keep .vbs attachments out, but there is a simple way for users to protect client or notebook PCs running Microsoft Windows 9x.

Double-click the My Computer icon, then double-click the c: icon. Click View on the menu bar, and highlight and click on Folder Options'it's simply Options in Windows 95. Select File Types.
Scroll down to VB Script File and VB Script Encoded File, selecting each individually. Then click on the Edit button.

Under Edit File Type, click on Open. Browse for Notepad. Double-click Notepad, click OK and then close all the windows you opened.

Your PC is now protected from Visual Basic scripts because you have set it to open the scripts in Notepad as text. That makes the script no longer executable.

Under Windows 2000, the process is almost the same. Click Tools to get to Folder Options. Once you highlight VB Script File and VB Script Encoded File, click on Advanced. That takes you to the Edit File Type window. Once there, click on Edit and change the path to Notepad.

You can no longer use Visual Basic on your PC, but it won't be missed unless you're a programmer.

'C.A. Soto

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