The lowdown on IT assests

What is it? Software for tracking and managing IT assets'hardware, software and services.

Who needs it? Organizations that want better control over their assets in order to implement a standard architecture, manage equipment lifecycles and cut purchase costs by improving asset utilization.

Smaller agencies or offices may not require IT asset management software because they can manually track their assets.

What are its advantages? Asset management automates the process of discovering and tracking the existence and utilization of technology and provides a common view of assets to all IT staff.

Newer platforms can show which assets support specific IT services, such as e-mail. That way an administrator can see, for example, which users might be affected if they take a server offline for maintenance.

Must know information. You might not find a single asset management tool that covers all the assets in your organization. If you need more than one, get tools that speak to each other.

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