Michael Daconta, Chief Technology Officer, Accelerated Information Management

Michael C. Daconta
Chief Technology Officer, Accelerated Information Management

1. Support mobile users and create mobile applications. The iPhone is changing the mobile landscape and the government led in the adoption of the BlackBerry. Mobile apps are the next phase in this. Government was a leader in large-scale BlackBerry support and the government needs to continue that trend by moving strongly into mobile apps for the next generation of smart phones.

2. A corollary to #1 for cutting-edge departments is to prepare for the revolution in multi-touch interfaces and natural user interfaces. This will especially affect data visualization and decision support systems.

3. Move service-oriented architecture out of pilots and into mainstream development. Integrate with Web 2.0 application strategies. I believe we have passed the SOA tipping point. The technology and tools are ready.

Enterprise search for both structured and unstructured data. There is still a gap between search on the Internet and search on folks’ intranets. Users are getting more frustrated. The CIOs need to make better progress on this area and it entails much more than just throwing a Google appliance at the problem. It requires master data management, enterprise data models, standards, and so forth

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