Tom Greenspon, Booz Allen Hamilton

Tom Greenspon
Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

1. Enterprise mobility. Well beyond e-mail, access to mission- and business-critical applications is being pushed to the myriad of handheld devices available to employees and managers at every level in an organization. Increasing an organization's adaptability and stretching boundaries to stay closer to customers.

2. Cloud computing. The ability to take advantage of software as a service and IT infrastructure as a service has the potential to completely reshape the current landscape, where a significant number of internal organizational resources are focused on maintaining capabilities that are clear candidates for migration to either a public or private cloud provider -- and one that has sufficient capacity, flexibility, and affordability to enable those same resources to get refocused on the organization's core mission.

3. Green IT. Efforts to reduce the energy needs of supporting IT infrastructure, such as data centers and even large server rooms will be prominent in coming years. Expect to see both public service campaigns and internal organizational incentives focused on these initiatives.

4. IT portfolio management. Riding on the strengths of sound project management practices, executives will demand more consistent and thorough analysis of the value of their total IT investment portfolio.

5. Video analytics. Affordability of platforms and increases in processing bandwidth are producing quantum volumes of video for a broad range of potential uses. Technologies to evaluate and tag full-motion images will become increasingly important as this trend continues.

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