Corsair Flash Voyager GT Turbo drive

Corsair launches high-speed, native USB 3.0 flash drives

California-based computer components manufacturer Corsair has announced its new Flash Voyager GT Turbo flash drives, which the company claims are the fastest of their kind in the world. And with read speeds of up to 260 megabytes/sec and write speeds approaching 235 megabytes/sec, they may be correct in that claim. Getting a gigabyte off of a flash drive in under four seconds is a feat not many manufacturers will claim.

The flash drive comes in a reasonably sturdy brushed metal casing, and the USB plug slides inside, eliminating the need for a cap.

Given its high capacity an extremely fast transfer speeds, this flash drive would be useful to network administrators who need to copy large files between servers, or need a utility drive to troubleshoot on-site computers. However, the Voyager line seems lack any encryption or any Federal Information Processing Standard-certified security, which would have made it suitable for more  government users.

The Flash Voyager GT Turbo comes in 32G capacity for $50, up to 128G for $180. While the price might be a bit more than many budgets may allow,  the extra capacity and speed could be worth it.

About the Author

Greg Crowe is a former GCN staff writer who covered mobile technology.


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