Making sense of machine learning


Making sense of machine learning

Machine learning is a critical component of big data analytics, and it is being used in government for everything from drug reviews and examination of medical records to military analysis of open-source intelligence.   How machine learning actually works, however, remains a mystery for most ordinary humans.

One data visualization won't make you into a data scientist, but this "Visual Introduction to Machine Learning" from R2D3 goes a long way toward making an abstract concept understandable. 

R2D3 is a side project of Sift Science, a San Francisco-based firm that applies machine learning to fraud prevention.   Its scrollable explainer uses a housing dataset to walk through the basic steps of crafting a machine-learning model to "make highly accurate predictions."

R2D3 describes itself as "an experiment in expressing statistical thinking with interactive design," and this tutorial is promisingly labeled "Part 1."  So scroll your way to a better understanding of machine learning, and keep an eye out for additional visualizations soon.

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