NYC targets services delivery with Digital Playbook

NYC targets services delivery with Digital Playbook

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled the city’s plan to strengthen city services delivery through digital tools.

The Digital Playbook has 12 strategies that outline how New York will update government services to assist and empower its more than 8 million residents, including:

  • Using multiple languages and user-centered design and integrating digital services into neighborhoods.
  • Equipping staff with better tools and training.
  • Creating technical, data and design standards for services, including mobile-first designs.
  • Protecting residents’ personal information and building transparency and accountability into all services.

In addition, the city intends to call on the technology and design communities to execute the plan and create new innovations to make the city a better place. 

“We are serious about improving how the city develops and delivers digital services, and we hold ourselves accountable,” de Blasio said in an op-ed piece. “We’ll track our progress and report publicly on how well we’re doing.”

“We’re matching this to our overall efforts to address inequality,” de Blasio said. “What we’re trying to do is increase broadband access, and that connects directly to what we’re doing to improve access to affordable housing, mass transit and all these other city services.”

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Derek Major is a former reporter for GCN.

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