More News tops 200 competitions in two years

More than 16,000 citizen "solvers" have taken part as the project reaches challenge No. 201.

How to respond to the inevitable security breach

Incident response has become an integral part of IT security and NIST offers updated guidelines for handling breaches.

Mobilescope warns you when apps are leaking data

Mobile apps often take liberties with your personal data; this tool lets you know what they're up to.

DDOS attack of rare power behind WikiLeaks take-down

The attack, which started Aug. 3, started as WikiLeaks was releasing information on an allegedly secret, sophisticated surveillance program.

IBM's dancing electrons create spintronics breakthrough

Research could change the game for computing and storage.

Typical Web app is attacked 274 times a year, study finds

If your agency delivers information and services through website applications, be ready for plenty of "battle days," according to an Imperva study.

Cloud brokerages get popular, but are they ready for prime time?

A self-service Web portal that lets state agencies in Texas choose cloud services from a marketplace of providers could serve as a model for federal agencies.

Stuxnet/Flame/Gauss and the limits of cyber espionage

Discovery of the state-sponsored (wink, wink) Gauss malware proves once again that, in cyberspace, nothing stays secret for long.

FBI warns of drive-by attacks from Reveton virus

The ransomware can download from a compromised website and freeze a user's computer, demanding that they pay a 'fine.'

DHS wants to 'change the game' on public safety network

Faced with a need to upgrade aging, stovepiped tactical communications networks and reduce costs, DHS is looking for a “game changing approach.”

When Mars Curiosity landing spiked online traffic, NASA was ready

Officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory used Amazon Web Services to stream video and images from the landing, knowing they could shut it down afterward.

Shawn P. McCarthy

Why rebuilding your architecture from scratch could be the best bet

Cloud computing, virtualized IT, an information-consuming public and demands from to do more with less are forcing agency IT shops to rethink their approach.

Great mobile app: Census data you can actually use

The America's Economy app goes beyond being a window into a database, it provides a stream of important, regularly updated reports accompanied by graphs.

VA, DOD joint office delivers mobile app for PTSD patients

PE Coach app gives PTSD sufferers a central site to track their therapy sessions and more.

Will AT&T's phase-out of 2G service affect gov customers?

The company, a service provider under the GSA’s Networx telecom contract, will phase out 2G mobile service during the next five years to make room on its networks for more advanced services.

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