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'Pls open attachment' and other low-tech spam persists

Despite the growth of advanced threats, there's still plenty of old-school, low-imagination spam going around.

2 years late, GSA goes online with first phase of acquisition database

Online database will create a one-stop shop for the public to search more than 600,000 entities for information about government contractors and grantees.

NC police get smart-phone access to crime database

Officers on the street can access the Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services database from their smart phones and tablets in seconds.

Army's MORPHINATOR: A shape-shifting approach to network defense

The cyber maneuver technology would randomize configurations and other aspects of a network to fool and foil intruders.

Securing the grid is crucial, but Chicken Little claims don’t help

Senators' claims that critical infrastructure is vulnerable to a "few keystrokes" belie its resilience and obscure the real threats.

Big-screen punch, small-screen power consumption

The ViewSonic VA2451m LED has all the advantages of a 24-inch monitor but with the power consumption of a smaller display.

Air Force to expand use of cyber warfare training center

Illinois center will include more military commands, educational institutions and other federal agencies.

4 major cities launch shared data portal features data sets from Chicago, Seattle, New York and San Francisco.

Microsoft’s an ideal tool for telecommuters

More than simply replacing Hotmail, the service puts just about every working function you need into one place.

An eco-friendly LCD that doesn't cheat on performance

NEC's 22-inch EA223WM-BK LCD combines good performance with the lowest power use of any monitor the lab has tested.

Cloud mapping tools to aid first responders during disasters

Esri's GIS public information maps will be made accessible on Microsoft's cloud-based disaster portal.

License plate scanners: Useful tools, but what about all that data?

The systems, which can capture up to thousands of images per hour, are increasingly popular with police but are raising privacy conerns.

If agencies could tap World of Warcraft

People have spent 6 million years of man-hours playing World of Warcraft. NOAA's Eric Hackathorn wonders: "What if we put that effort towards something real?"

BIOS' 'privileged position' makes it a target for sophisticated attacks

The Basic Input/Output System that boots a computer could be an attractive target for sophisticated exploits, and the complexity of servers creates specific challenges that NIST addresses in new security guidelines.

Some feds view IT as a cost, not an opportunity

Just 56 percent of federal executives said IT helps support their daily operations.

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