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State is first to allow voter registration via Facebook

Washington developed an app with Facebook and Microsoft that lets users get to online voter registration forms via social media.

MIT chip could power wireless sensors

A chip that collects energy from light, heat and vibrations could keep low-powered sensors running without batteries.

Will your next government co-worker be a robot?

An MIT study says "telepresence workers" will be ready to perform manual labor by 2014 and be controlled from up to 1,800 miles away.

4 out of 5 cops, feds agree: Social media aids crime fight

According to a recent survey, law enforcement agencies have embraced social media as a key tool in pre-identifying and investigating criminal activity.

Cyber bill accents threat-info sharing, government IT monitoring

Sen. Lieberman introduces cybersecurity bill that offers limited liability for sharing threat information and emphasizes continuous monitoring of government IT systems.

FBI mulls how to build database of tattoos

The FBI asks experts for suggestions in how to add tattoos to its databases of fingerprints, DNA, voice signatures and iris scans.

Is NSA's Accumulo open source or Google knock-off?

A bill would bar the Defense Department from using the NSA's Accumulo open source software unless DOD can show no viable commercial open source alternatives exist.

Minnesota selects Maximus to develop health insurance exchange

Minnesota's exchange will include a consumer-friendly website that will let residents determine their eligibility for subsidized benefits online as well as shop, compare and enroll in insurance plans.

Continuous monitoring of IT favored in FISMA plan

A compromise version of Cybersecurity Act of 2012 backs continuous monitoring of government IT security over regulatory compliance in the Federal Information Security Management Act.

Reporting potholes in Minneapolis? There's an app for that

Minneapolis upgrades its citizen services with a new mobile reporting system that put the city network in the cloud.

DOE wish list: Exascale computing at a price it can afford

The Department of Energy has enlisted a seven-lab consortium to develop hardware and software technologies capable of one quintillion calculations per second.

Big data just got a little smaller

A new way of using hard drives could help government agencies wrestle with the problems associated with big data.

Interior issues RFP for cloud-based hosting services

The Interior Department is looking for cloud–based hosting services to help modernize the way its applications and data are stored and managed.

Dell's mobile data center: When you need an IT backbone overnight

Dell's launch of its Tactical Mobile Data Center will allow government, military and enterprise users to quickly deploy an additional, backup or remote IT backbone.

Will Office 2013 get agencies looking Microsoft's way?

A glimpse at Microsoft's new Office 2013 reveals collaboration and cloud-integration features that should make agencies sit up and take notice.