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Windows 8

5 ways Windows 8 can be great for agencies

Innovative security, a friendly (for real) cross-platform interface, and handy support for telework and BYOD could do a lot for public-sector organizations

Automated IT security gets a step closer

Using NIST's Security Content Automation Protocol in tandem with TCG's Trusted Network Connect architecture provides the benefits of two open standards to improve endpoint security.

Moon craters

Why NASA thinks a supercomputer on the moon might not be pure fiction

NASA's Deep Space Network is getting overloaded, with missions already competing for time and bandwidth, and the situation will only get worse.

TechAmerica Report: Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide To Transforming The Business of Government

Tap value of big data with strategy, infrastructure and roadmap

With computing costs coming down, agencies can unlock capabilities for analyzing and finding hidden value in data.

NIST SHA-3: K. Talbott/NIST with Shutterstock images

How government created a new secure hash

The government has specified a series of vetted cryptographic algorithms that can be used to verify the authenticity of documents and digital signatures. Here's how they do it.

College campus

With eduroam, university users get secure WiFi access to the cloud

The wireless Internet service, widely used in Europe, is being expanded in the United States by Internet2, the University of Tennessee and the National Science Foundation.

Why agencies don't have to upgrade to a new crypto hash

The winner of the five-year competition -- called Keccak -- will be a candidate for the new federal SHA-3 standard, but NIST scientists say it is not a replacement for SHA-2, which has held up better than expected.

Belkin Secure Audio and Microphone Four-Port Switch

Belkin switch secures audio ports

For agencies that need secure voice over IP communications, Belkin has introduced a switch that offers certralized control over audio ports.

Lockheed offers agencies a cloud storefront

Agencies can receive cloud services from Lockheed's private and community clouds or cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft.

Credit: Falko Kuester, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), University of California, San Diego

Cracking big data for $3K and geek cred

Energy and NSF's Big Data Challenge sets a series of competitions, the first of which will pay $3,000 split at least three ways, but it's not about the money for contestants.

Using a ‘sinkhole’ to squash the Nitol botnet

Microsoft has reached a settlement with the operators of the domain in China to “sinkhole” traffic to 70,000 malicious subdomains.

The 10 biggest doubts executives and IT managers have about the cloud

What do IT leaders have confidence in? Not government regulations, exit strategies or data privacy, according to a new survey.

HP’s new tablet has jacket, will travel

The new ElitePad’s “Smart Jackets” add ports and a fold-out keyboard for laptop-like functionality.

Android malware builds 3D model of user's environment

A team from Indiana University frames PlaceRaider as a potential tool for burglars, but what if it got into government buildings?

How Virginia agencies' CRM speeds services, cuts costs

Agencies speed up delivery of services, retire outdated software and systems and redeploy staff to other tasks by standardizing on Microsoft Dynamics.