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Can government turn gold in computers to green?

The United Nation estimates $21 billion in gold is put into new computers every year. Can government tap that motherlode before it's exported as e-trash?

Virginia IT rebuild gives 'step on the gas' support for state workforce

A six-year project to consolidate its IT systems has produced a common desktop and applications that will help Virginia respond faster to productivity goals, state CIO says.

EPA contracts support aggressive move to cloud computing

The Environmental Protection signs contracts that will help meet its goal of having 80 percent of its computing in the cloud by 2015.

IPv6 roadmap tweaked to help agencies over finish line

The Federal CIO Council, together with ACT-IAC, has updated its IPv6 roadmap to help agencies meet looming deadlines for new Internet Protocols.

Sensors, cloud, drive geospatial agency push for data-center space

Data-storage requirements caused by the growth of remote sensors and the move to cloud forced the National Geospatial Intelligence agency to expand its data center footprint.

Government reach for secure electric grid exceeds its grasp

The government efforts to secure the nation’s electric grid from cyberattack are hampered by a cumbersome regulatory system and inadequate enforcement, a Senate panel is told.

4 steps to the right data-sharing architecture for your agency

The IT market is muddied with confusing claims about information sharing technology, so here are steps to an architecture that should clear things up.

City planners probe downtown Philadelphia with 3D GIS

City planners turned to optical remote sensing technology for a pilot project to test a total 3D GIS solution.

Federal ID cards: Iris imaging in, fingerprint swiping out

NIST proposed new options for using iris recognition as an alternative to fingerprints in federal Personal Identity Verification.

With new recruiting app, the Army is going to tempt me yet

The Army releases a Web comic app for iPhone and Android that describes what it's like to be a soldier in the Army.

Too tired to vote? Don't hit that touch pad.

As a N.C. state legislator found out the hard way, errors caused by workplace fatigue can have decisive and sometimes irreversible results.

3 free tools to help manage your passwords

Effective security requires managing passwords, which can be a daunting job. Fortunately, help is available.

Like it or not, password management is a must

As more of our life moves online we still are looking for an identity management scheme that is practical, secure and scalable. Don't hold your breath.

Yahoo hack: Strong passwords don't have to be hard

The theft of Yahoo passwords, including those of government users, highlights the problem with weak authentication. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Apple rejoins EPEAT, but says standards must catch up to innovation

The company and the green IT certification program agree to work together on evolving environmental standards.

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