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Managing mobile security: There's no such thing as a free app

Trojan apps are the primary means of infecting mobile devices; the good news is that you can prevent installation of malicious apps on your device.

DNSChanger servers shut down, Internet survives

Federal agencies were mostly cleared of the malware but for others who lost Internet access, some ISPs softened the blow by redirecting their DNS queries to internal help pages.

Patch Tuesday could address XML zero-day flaw

Microsoft will issue nine bulletins in its July 10 security patch release, three of them rated critical. One could be for a vulnerability in XML Core Services that is being actively exploited.

BYOD security: Are agencies doomed to a permanent game of catch-up?

Cybersecurity pros are running to keep up with emerging threats to mobile devices, yet most observers fear government and industry will always lag behind.

Illinois court beefs up service with thin clients

The Circuit Court of Cook County is improving operational efficiency and allowing staff and citizens easy online access to services and court files via thin client technology.

Where’s my Internet? ISPs ready for DNSChanger calls.

Despite months of warnings and offers of help, hundreds of thousands of people still have not cleaned up DNSChanger infections and stand to lose Internet access July 9.

The AC/DC lesson: Why IPv4 will be with us a long time

Thomas Edison lost the Current Wars to AC back in the 1890s, but more than 100 years later some customers still were using DC power from the grid. Could IPv4 last as long?

Sykipot variant, exploiting Microsoft vulnerability, targets aerospace industry

The information-stealing Trojan attacks the recently discovered flaw in XML Core Services, as well as Flash Player, and might be coming from China.

DHS moves forward on cloud-based IT services

DHS is overcoming hurdles in culture and component stovepipes, says CIO Richard Spires

In European plan, cars in a crash would auto-dial for help

The European Parliament wants all new cars be to equipped with sensors that will automatically notify rescue services in the event of a crash.

Android's rite of passage: Now it has a botnet

A spam-sending botnet that operates on Android devices could be the first of its kind, says a Microsoft researcher who discovered it

Twitter OKs most government requests for user account info

Twitter's transparency report shows it complies with most government requests for user account information, but sometimes the government has to use some legal muscle.

5 steps to setting up an agency app store

Building an app store can be the best way to make sure employees are using the right mobile apps. Here's a checklist to help you get there.

Don’t get raided by a SWAT team; secure your wireless hub

There are risks to setting up an unsecured wireless hub, apparently including police attacking your home.

Microsoft names 2 alleged leaders of Zeus botnet rings

The company's Digital Crimes Unit, which disabled the botnets after raids in March, will turn over its case to the FBI.