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McCain’s retooled Secure IT act still a privacy threat, critics say

The controversial bill has been amended to protect civil liberties, but fails to win over critics who see it as an expansion of military authority and a threat to personal privacy.

Army developing laser-guided lightning bolts

Technique ionizes the air around the Laser-Induced Plasma Channel, allowing it to target anything that conducts electricity better than the ground it's sitting on.

Storm cripples Amazon cloud, but do sites have to go down, too?

You can arrange to have other data centers back up your services when one goes down, but it'll cost you.

EPA could put 80 percent of its computing in the cloud by 2015

CGI Federal to help build an agencywide hybrid cloud.

Hundreds of thousands at risk as DNSChanger deadline looms

More than 300,000 IP addresses, nearly 70,000 of them in the U.S., are being directed to servers that will go offline July 9. Computers at two federal agencies are still infected.

Government's serious pursuits sometimes call for a game

The Genesis Pro workstation from Origin PC, our July Product of the Month, can fit the bill where the need for high-end computing is greatest.

City looks to save $850K a year by leaving mainframe behind

Fort Worth's IT solutions department will move all applications to a new distributed platform based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and Dell servers by 2015.

Domestic drones can be hijacked, turned into weapons, researchers show

A research team shows DHS and FAA how spoofing unencrypted GPS signals lets them take over drones in flight, potentially turning them into weapons.

BoxLight can make any projector interactive

If you are considering an interactive projector, the OutWrite 1.4 will save you some money by working with the one you already have.

How to run a successful coding competition

States and CMS worked upfront to specify goals that will be used to pick winners in a challenge to write software to screen Medicaid providers.

Write once, use 50 times: How CMS' coder challenge will benefit states

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services taps NASA's Tournament Lab for an online competition to develop a new module for Medicaid management.

Georgia project uses 'roadbots' for highway repair

Automated prototype detects and fixes cracks in the state's highways.

Got old hard drives? Turn them into cloud servers.

The $99 Cloud Hybrid from Akitio lets you repurpose any SATA hard drive for service over the Internet.

Livermore Labs, IBM offer supercomputing access to industry

The collaboration, called Deep Computing Solutions, will become the nation's premier provider of advanced computing solutions for third-party users.

New twist on Zeus/SpyEye used in massive global fraud scheme

A phishing-spread campaign targets banks and the wealthy, and has attempted to steal anywhere from $78 million to $2 billion this year, security researchers say.

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