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Wireless power charging: Tesla's 19th-century idea finally catching on

Wireless power adapters are making headway, more than 100 years after Nicola Tesla patented the idea.

The quiet death of the CRT monitor

They were everywhere not that long ago, but when game arcades are giving up on CRTs, even agencies will follow.

Following the 'kill chain' to fend off cyberattacks

Lockheed Martin's approach is to identify the steps a hacker would need to take to gain access and then prepare for each of them.

Stuxnet shut down by its own kill switch

Code inside the cyber weapon turned off its replication routines June 24, apparently as its creators intended.

Sandia's cyber 'coffee shop' promotes security collaboration

The Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory provide a more open but still secure environment for sharing ideas among government, industry and academia.

Researchers twist light to send data at 2.56 terabits/sec

The experimental technology could break new ground in satellite communications, terrestrial links and even fiber optics.

Summer storms can kill your computers, even if you unplug

Take steps to keep your equipment safe from lightning strikes and brownouts, and don't forget about the cable.

DHS' expanded drone use in Caribbean targets drug runners

The plan calls for doubling the UAV coverage area along U.S. borders, but there are doubts about how well drones can work over water.

Breakthrough? Cyber bills could reach Senate floor in July.

A bipartisan effort to move cybersecurity legislation in the Senate could bring pending bills to the floor in July, though partisan differences still have to be ironed out.

Solving virtualization's storage problem

Storage hypervisors help solve bottleneck problems assoicated with workload demands.

Los Alamos offers a model for how to charge for cloud services

LANL officials built a cloud platform that focuses on the needs of the national labs that use it and delivers a bill that doesn't surprise them.

The 10 best federal mobile apps

Agencies are building digital government one app at a time. Here's a look at the best of the current crop.

Lockheed's Gooden: Federal IT efforts doing well despite tight budgets

A focus on streamlining systems and delivering constituent services can help agency initiatives succeed in rocky times, a company executive says.

Whitelisting stopped Flame, but don't bury antivirus just yet

Antivirus and intrusion detection software have come under fire lately, but they're still important in securing cyber systems.

Drupal's popularity growing in government

The open-source content management system has acquired a considerable niche for itself in federal and state IT circles.