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NEC releases a new high-performance, low-energy LCD

The 22-inch monitor is latest of a bumper crcop for government and industry.

Justice gives NASCIO grant to promote info sharing across borders

The National Justice Information Sharing Initiative grant will advance enterprise architecture and information sharing among states, NASCIO offciials said.

Dem, GOP platforms expose divide over cyber defense

Acknowledging Congress' failure to pass cybersecurity legislation, Democrats assert the president’s willingness to act on his own through executive order.

FBI, Apple leave users vulnerable after alleged AntiSec hack

With millions wondering if their device identifiers are included in the reported breach of FBI files, the FBI and Apple clam up, leaving users vulnerable to scammers offering to fill the information void.

4 stages of the big data process

The phrase "garbage in, garbage out" is appearing with increasing frequency in discussion of big data – and with good reason.

Zero-day Java exploit shows how fast hackers have become

Recent attacks illustrate the growing professionalism of malware developers, analyst says.

Bitter end: XP users grudgingly give way to Win 7

Many rejected Vista and resisted Windows 7; what will they make of Windows 8?

Magic log-in ring lets you use finger swipes for passwords

Researchers at Rutgers have developed a prototype device that lets you authenticate with the swipe of a finger.

One click and help is on the way

Although HelpSTAR2012 is not cheap, cutting downtime and streamlining help desk calls can be worth the money over time.

What OS X Mountain Lion can do for the enterprise

As more agencies adopt Apple's mobile devices, the new OS' security, messaging and synch-ability could make the workplace more efficient and enjoyable.

Navigating the 'unholy' matrimony of mobile and cloud

Mobile computing and the cloud, which each have their own security concerns, have become inseparable.

AI surveillance cameras can learn, remember ... and forget

The AISight cameras used during the Republican convention adapt to their environment to determine if anything is amiss.

Time to give up on Java?

The zero-day window for the latest Java vulnerability has officially closed, but agencies still have to decide whether the benefits of running Java on their computers outweigh the risks.

'Private cloud' just a phase? IBM would like you to think so

The zEnterprise EC-12 adds power, capacity and other features that could appeal to government.

Government's move to digital leaves the poor out in the cold, study says

GPO's transition from ink-on-paper to online documents leaves millions who don't have broadband Internet access without adequate access to government resources, according to the Center for Study of Responsive Law.

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