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OPM’s DIY COVID dashboard

Using open source data and a custom-developed Python application, developers built an easy-to-use, automatically-updating dashboard.

wastewater testing (Avatar_023/Shutterstock.com)

HHS gears up for widespread COVID surveillance – through wastewater

The Department of Health and Human Services plans to test wastewater in 42 states for signs of the COVID-19 virus.

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Why data drills should be part of emergency planning

Data drills help cities develop coordinated, data-driven crisis response plans by identifying key players, valuable datasets, useful technologies and data governance challenges before disaster strikes.

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Why risk is a range -- not a number

During a disaster, looking at a range of possibilities, rather than a target number, gives emergency planners a better way to gauge risk.

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How transit data can drive urban recovery

Cities are looking to take advantage of data-driven transportation tools for policymaking, particularly as they look for economic recovery opportunities.

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8 data leaders on leveraging data during and after COVID-19

The pandemic has demonstrated that data-centered leaders must become a part of the emergency response playbook.

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Reaction and overreaction: The unemployment insurance disaster

Analytics technology can pore through thousands of unemployment claims filed across many different accounts, reducing fraud and adding speed and confidence to the payment process.

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When visual communication is mission-critical

In government, the right display technology can help agencies reopen safely now and support effective collaboration in the future.


When high-quality supplier data becomes mission critical

In times of crisis, agencies know that decision-making ability and response time are only as good as the information in their supplier database.

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Reimagining maps

In a recent online forum, researchers discussed how to view maps not as 2D pieces of paper but as a systems involving user data and representation.

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How data can lead states to post-pandemic recovery

An essential element for recovery planning collecting and analyzing data to help policy-makers understand how workforce, health care and social services programs interact with one another, a new report says.

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Unearned unemployment: Who is collecting money meant for Americans in need?

A lack of anti-fraud measures, bypassed processes that had been in place to help verify benefit claims and data inaccuracies -- combined with the rampant availability of cheap, stolen account credentials and personally identifiable information on dark web markets -- has led to an unprecedented increase in unemployment fraud.